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The timeCategory: poem
Monday, 12 January 2009
05:37:26 PM (GMT)
The time Artifice invented to want to say: " It was yesterday " " today it is what matters "; " tomorrow it will be another day "; hereby always we are going to live crying or being glad of the yesterday, sticking or despairing with the today and waiting anxiously ó with sadness the tomorrow … The time is an individual and specific clock, which we create to use it to convenience, since it(he,she) is frequent to listen: " it(he,she) was flying away me the morning "; " it(he,she) had not time me of having lunch "; " I believed that
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In the nightCategory: poem
Monday, 12 January 2009
05:33:45 PM (GMT)
In the night 

I looked at your eyes, discovered your tact, immortalized to the Moon, sang your
fume, it(he,she) entered(approached) the sword, I danced under your aroma, cleared
the meat, ¡ and I touched the sky!
And I drank the purple!
And I sobbed triumphantly!  

december statsCategory: stats
Friday, 2 January 2009
04:01:13 PM (GMT)
Your Oekakis have been kidnapped 24 times. 
You are on the Friends List of 33 people. 
You have been blacklisted by 1 person. 
10 people have subscribed to your publications. 
You have invited 1 people to Kupika.  

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Profile views in december: 159.
Maximum daily views: 21.
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Happy ChristmasCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 24 December 2008
11:33:55 AM (GMT)
Sitting looking at the sky And after having crossed a year of nostalgias and happy moments, Only the love stays That continues joining our lives. They come to the mind Every lukewarm caress that our dear beings have given us And the displeasures through that we have had to live. We are in December, month of happiness and joy, Of balances and ways that one must take,
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Late analysisCategory: Literature
Thursday, 18 December 2008
05:26:15 PM (GMT)
Be well, I know well that I am at the back of the pit; that all that that I touch
already I have touched it; that I am a prisoner of an indecent interest; that every
convalescence is a relapse; that the waters are suspended and everything has flavor
to old man; that also the humorism forms a part of the unremovable block; that I do
not do another thing that to reduce the new thing to the ancient thing;  
That I do not try still to recognize who I am; that I have lost up to the goldsmith's
former patience; that the oldness makes highlight for restlessness only the miseries;
that I will never go out of here however much he smiles; that I turn across for the
land as a caged beast; that of so many many ropes that I have I have finished for
pulling the alone one;  
That I me like to bedaub because the mud is a poor matter and therefore pure; that I
adore the light only if it does not offer hope.cvc
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color paintCategory: Literature
Thursday, 18 December 2008
05:14:37 PM (GMT)
Only it is necessary to undress and the lips of color paint land to us; to start
singing close to this great black hole that starts whistling us inside...
Only it is necessary us to impregnate the forehead of dark and deleterious music, to
be prototypes of the death and of the sky buried under our barefooted feet. To walk
of the side of the laconic one, five-peseta coin against the wind in order that we
are declared elements out of any order.
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THE GIFTSCategory: Literature
Sunday, 14 December 2008
02:46:40 PM (GMT)
To I you go, nice reader and listener(auditor), Federico ..., Teodoro ..., Ernesto, or since(as,like) call, asking you to represent the last Christmas tree adorned with pretty gifts; thereby you will be able to give you exact account(bill) of how there were the still, mute children of enthusiasm, with the very opened eyes; and only after passed a good moment the small Maria articulated, giving a sigh: - nice what! ... nice what! And Federico tried to give some jump, which him(her) turned out to be too much to the alive(vivacious) thing. To obtain that moment the children had had to be judicious and good all the year round, so(then) in no occasion they were giving them things as pretty as in this one. The great tree, which was in the center of the room, had many
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