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Stabbed in the heartCategory: (general)
Monday, 26 April 2010
11:17:33 PM (GMT)
Have you ever been stabbed in dhee heart? Well,i did.. Have u ever been dumped for your own cousin. Well, i did He didnt wanted me for me, he wanted me for mii cuzin. When i heard mii cuzin telling me how he kiss ha and how he wanted to have sex wit her.. Mii face dropped.. Mii stomach felt like i was on a rollercoaster.. Mii head felt like in volcano.. Mii hands begin to sweat.. Mii legs were shakin..
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What's happening to me?Category: (general)
Thursday, 25 March 2010
11:50:01 PM (GMT)
why me to be the one to feel this way towards him?I dont know how to control these
feelings towards him.It really kills me everytime I think about him and I cant stop
loving him. I wonder do he think about me the same way or do he ever wonder is im
ok..I dont think so but I wish he did.It will be a dream come true to me to know that
he is thinking about me. Gosh its like when I see him my hands starts to sweat, my
stomach feel like a rollercoaster and my  face cant stop smiling.One day hopefully we
will be forever and be happy. Im deeply in love with him and he dont even got a clue
at all.and thats the sad part about it!!!!!!!! 

note:i think im in love and i dont think its gud feeling this way about a dude

Is this a sign of love..or what?Category: (general)
Saturday, 13 March 2010
01:01:08 AM (GMT)
Is this a sign of love..or what? when you can't stop thinking about a that a sign of love or what? when that special one always tells you that you are so that a sign of love or what?? if me and him is always talking and holding that a sign of love or what??? when i look at each other and we see a love sparkle in our that a sign of love or what????
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BitchesCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
09:32:28 PM (GMT)
when u are now living in the high skool world u are now entering a world of DRAMA and JEALOUSY!!!!!!!!! Bitch-a female dog. i have plenty of bitches at mi skool. 4 out of 5 are bitches dat complains,3 out of 5 are jealous bitches,4 out of 5 like to start shit and 5 out of 5 think they is the shit!! and 1 out of 100 is dha coolest and dats me..and bitches wanna bring mii hopes down and they want me to be like a byth but im not gone let them and dey r mad..each day one of those bitches at skool try to make me mad but i just walk away and ignore them becuz they r bitches!!!!!! female doggs really gets on mii nerves soo bad.dats why i dnt have friends. tha only friends i have is mi cuzins keisha,sherri,tete,tk,porsha,jennifer and molly and mii god.friends should not be allowed at mi skool becuz all of them r BITCHES!!!!!!!!!
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SingleCategory: (general)
Saturday, 30 January 2010
11:39:13 AM (GMT)
Dear Diary, As u can see that i have knowing kupika for quite a while now..(every since i was 12).now u can see that im bout to turn 15 in march.during my years and middle skool and first year in high skool i realize that i do not need a boy to make me happy.every since i was 12, i have always thought that i needed a boyfriend becuz boyfriends were popular in middle skool.when i was 12 i really liked this boy named gerald and he attends mii church and he liked me too so we decided to go together..bad idea, gerald was soo annoying and he used to get on mi nerves all the time i started not like liking him at all. so i decided to brake up witem. the day i broke witem was dha day i was free!!!!!!!! i was so releived dat i didnt have to worry bout him writting me stupid akon poems and songz and i can look any dude booty for now on without him saying sumthing. every since then i am single and im lovin dha
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show offCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 28 October 2009
03:40:41 PM (GMT)
ok, this what happen,yesterday i was at skool walking to my locker and all of sudden my cousin leonard aka boona blurted out a comment about my hair! i couldnt beleive it like he was one of mi favorite cousins but this punk talkin about me with his ugly ass friends but he fail to realize dat he be showin out in front of his friends but he dont say nothing 2 me at skool but as soon skool is over,or when i c him at church on sunday or wednesday he be want me to talk and play wit him!!!!!!! as soon as skool starts back he a different person. my advice is dnt show off in front of your friends becuz friends come and go but family stays and dont let go! and carma is a bad ass
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cousins going wildCategory: (general)
Friday, 28 August 2009
08:22:51 PM (GMT)
i have a cousin who is going with mi other cousin's boyfriend.yall i got sum advice....dont go with your relative's boyfrirnd or girlfriend its will lead into alot of drama! both of them cant even say hey to each other all becuz of a boy.boys come and go but family stay and dont let go.both of them need to talk to each other and straighten out their drama and dump dat fool.he dont want neither one of them so i dnt know y dey so mad at each other bout dis fool anyway. p.s. boys dont want nun but one thang frm u....... and u should know
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