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We Found Love... And We Lost It.Category: (general)
Thursday, 10 November 2011
06:35:42 PM (GMT)
I thought that you & I were meant to be, I thought he was my everything. I know this
isn't the first time I've been wrong, but I was wanting us to make it feel right...
He said he loved me, he said he cared, we told each other "we found love". <3 
 Now we don't even talk to each other anymore,you won't text me or call, & I'm not
going to be the first one to aplogize,especially when I haven''t done anything
wrong... we lost our love,babe, where did we go so wrong? I just want you back, I
feel like I can't breathe without you near... but I guess I'll keep drowning in my
sorrows & in my tears. </3

Being Second Best is Never FunCategory: (general)
Thursday, 10 November 2011
05:46:33 PM (GMT)
Being in love is hard, especially when the guy you're in love with doesn't want to
make a commitment, but still just wants to have you around to flirt with... well, I'm
sorry, I'm not going to be anybody's second choice, I should be your priority,not
your option. I don't know how to tall him this though, for fear he'll just stop
talking to me all together. I just want to look him in the eye & tell him if he wants
me, he needs to let me know,because it's now or never... I'm not going to wait
forever for you to make up your mind.

Guys... :pCategory: (general)
Thursday, 10 November 2011
01:39:52 PM (GMT)
Dude,why is it guys only want one thing from girls?? Honestly, there's a lot of
weirdos out there haha... are there any nice guys left?? :p

Caylee Anthony CaseCategory: (general)
Friday, 19 December 2008
03:46:12 PM (GMT)
I've been folloowing the Caylee Anthony Case since it came out. For those of you who
don't know, 2-year old Florida girl Caylee went missing back in June. Her mom ( who i
believe did it) was charged with capitol murder. The death penalty was added,the
taken off the table. now Caylee's remains have been found & I.D'ed. I can't beleive
 Her mom,being a partier,was selfish. Everybody who knows herwill tell you that. She
looked at Caylee as a doll,not a responsibilty. Now she's trying to claim she's
innocent. Yeah right!

Boys that come on here that are boredCategory: (general)
Sunday, 6 April 2008
04:23:37 PM (GMT)
Please! I don't want to hear another boy( or girl for that matter) saying they are
bored! It drives me nuts. Find some friends & chat! Do something. Just don't say you
are bored..!

Kupika NewspaperCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 10 January 2007
02:59:47 PM (GMT)
This is for people who are creative writers or for people who want to be on a newspaper. Please sign up for which job you want. (2 join all you have to do is say Kupika Newspaper. Editor Photograper Illustarter Writer 1 Writer2 Writer3 Write 4 Writer 5 Wrietr 6
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book club vote.Category: (general)
Monday, 8 January 2007
01:22:19 PM (GMT)
there are several books we vcan vote on. But we need a president &vice-president.
all votes need 2 be in by next Monday. Voten ow. We'll find out who wants to be
president & vice-president by Wednesday. Please say now if you want 2 be either one!

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