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Mentality and Age....(knicked this from somebody..)Category: (general)
Sunday, 4 January 2009
02:05:36 PM (GMT)
[x] I know how to cook toast (without burning it). [x] I can do my own laundry. [x] I can cook for myself. [x] I actually enjoy intellectual conversations. <>_> Total so far = 4 [] I show up for school MOST of the time unless I'm sick. [x] I always carry a pen in my pocket/purse. [] I've never gotten a detention. [] I've watched talk shows. [x] I drink coffee/tea occasionally. <---moar liek too much...
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Eh. I am bored. Talk to meh!Category: (general)
Saturday, 3 January 2009
07:25:13 PM (GMT)
Okay, everyone.
What's the most outlandish thing you've ever done?

uhhh, this is a serious cry for HAAAALP!Category: (general)
Friday, 2 January 2009
06:03:31 PM (GMT)
Okay...so, for those of you that don't know(which is everyone) I'm Lingy. 
I'm new here.
And I <3 oekaki.

Insert serious problem here.
I don't have enough Kupipoints.

Can someone give me a better idea of how to earn them rather than just the "be active
and you will automatically receive"?
It would be a great help!

Lily Chou-Chou soundtrackCategory: (general)
Friday, 2 January 2009
10:38:37 AM (GMT)
The Lily Chou-Chou soundtrack is very amazing.
Let's discuss ether.

Hmm...I suppose this is the first hello...Category: (general)
Friday, 2 January 2009
09:41:44 AM (GMT)
Eh. Hiiiiiiiii.
I'm Lingy. 
Aaaaauhmmm...I just pulled an all-nighter, teeheeee.

So, even though this is hello-for-the-first-time-I'm-new-here-and-nice-to-meet-you,
maybe this is the second hello for people that already saw my two oekaki?
Eh eh. I'm having some major trouble typing.
I have a hugely unfortunate paper cut on my finger.

Damn paper.

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