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(untitled)Category: (general)
Saturday, 1 August 2009
02:29:48 AM (GMT)
Can you answer all of these questions without saying "I don't know?" will do. :D Would you rather sleep for 3 days, or stay awake for 3 days? Sleep. ;D (with a certain person) Would you rather choose truth, or dare while playing "truth or dare"? Dare, and hope i play with a bunch of emos and one says kiss so and so. >.> Would you rather have 10 kids, or none? NONE. DO I LOOK LIKE A TV SHOW TO YOU???
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(untitled)Category: (general)
Wednesday, 29 July 2009
05:39:42 PM (GMT)
aww. i love this video. (: ✖ "Some doors are never ment to be opened..." ✖
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MUST READ xDCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 28 July 2009
02:09:34 AM (GMT)
WHAT IF...? » I committed suicide: » I said I liked you: » I kissed you: » I lived next door to you: » I started smoking: » I stole something: » I was hospitalized: » I ran away from home: » I got into a fight and you weren't there: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MY:
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me oh myCategory: (general)
Monday, 27 July 2009
11:38:00 PM (GMT)
Everyone needs to take the time and read this. Just take a break from all your other stupid bulletins about who is gonna die or if your love life will suck for 7 years and be serious and do the right thing. Repost this or you have no soul seriously. A kid needs our help so do the right thing. Hi my name is Matt Dawson. I am 23 years old, and I have a large tumor on my brain and severe lung cancer. The doctors say I will die soon if this isn't fixed, and my family can't pay the bills. "The Make A Wish Foundation" has agreed to donate 7 cents for every time this message is reposted. For those of you who repost, I thank
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16 signs that you like someoneCategory: (general)
Monday, 27 July 2009
04:08:23 PM (GMT)
SIXTEEN: When you're on the phone with them late at night and they hang up, you still miss them even when it was just two minutes ago. FIFTEEN: You read their Texts and Ims Over and over again.
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Exploration ^-^Category: (general)
Sunday, 26 July 2009
12:36:35 AM (GMT)
silly elen legi lefa ni len getly mamensintal antoua ga ten fe li gese lingue obi new le ande ni me so ba obi new le ande ni me so "dream" *twi ri tara didara twitwi taririra twitwi ra~ silly elen legi lefa ni len getly mamensintal antoua ga ten fe li gese limgue "we look somewhere" me li tachi lingue
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(untitled)Category: (general)
Wednesday, 22 July 2009
10:04:20 PM (GMT)
this is just so that i have this if i jack up my profile and can't fix it. i can click edit, and copy and paste. lol. xD (⌒▽⌒) Myspace Drawing Pad at WishAFriend.com .full-vampire. don't hate

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