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Update~Category: (general)
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
03:35:05 AM (GMT)
I think it's been years since I've actually posted a diary entry. So hello people who are still on kupika, old friends and people I have never spoken to~ All I really have to say is how done I am with college and cannot wait to graduate. However, I have one more exam for this one class and I literally have to pull an 82 or higher so I can pass and graduate. It's honestly so scary to think I could fail and then have to repeat this entire semester again. Like 1. I don't got the funds and don't want to take any more loans out 2. my parents would probably get so mad and really tear me down. So I am hoping and praying that I pass. And after all these years, I really have realized how people do go in and out of your life and then you just sometimes sit and wonder what is going on with them and how
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Meep.Category: (general)
Monday, 25 March 2013
06:58:37 PM (GMT)
The decision to get either ZE:A5's album or Infinite's album.
I just-
weeps why are all the groups I like coming out with stuff. I can't chose. 

I need a job so I can save money and then blow it off for kpop merch. OTL I mean
totally save it up for the future. 
I miss watching MuBank & Inkigayo too :c 
Spring break needs to come like now. And then summerrrr. Let me just skip all those
AP tests and that ACT/PSAE 

/wastes time writing pointless diary because ew homework/

Let's talk about recent-ish events.Category: school!
Monday, 18 March 2013
07:01:54 PM (GMT)
Hello guys! It's been a while right? Lol. So update. I'm a Junior now and I'm 17 (: wow I think I made this account when I was 12. I feel old OTL Anyway. Let's see since 2009 my music has changed, I'm into Kpop now instead of like Underoath and Miss May I. (You bring up Gangnam Style and I will be sure to punch you in the face) So let's fast forward to this year. My school was supposed to have a turnabout, but it got cancelled. Guess who was really bummed it was cancelled? Like me and maybe 30 other people. Sighs.
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CEll SurveyyyyyyCategory: quizzies/surveys
Sunday, 5 July 2009
01:27:25 AM (GMT)
:] I'm bored. Grab your phone and answer. Tag everyone mentioned. Go! 1. Do you have a camera phone? If so who's the 3rd picture of? MHM. Me holding Jerod :] 4. Who's the first person who comes up under the letter m? My mom
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Update. ImportantCategory: Mehlifee
Wednesday, 24 June 2009
07:58:05 PM (GMT)
Alright so you might have noticed that I haven't been on in like 5 days? Soo um that might be extended. Umm last week my mom gave birth. So yeah new little brother. :/ Jerod. MMK? And soooo my mom is on leave for idk. And my dad took a 3 week vacation. So me getting on the sites I want to get to are slim. I can't sleep in my own room so that sucks shit. I have to sleep downstairs with the family. Bleh. But everythings good. Soooo if I don't reply don't get pissed. :p NOW other updates. Taekwondo. (: 6/19
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Activity Day♥Category: school!
Wednesday, 3 June 2009
06:14:44 PM (GMT)
So today's Activity Day/ Last FULL day of school/Classroom Party. It was alright. We played at the playground because the target thing wasn't there. It was fun. Kelly, Eden, and I talked about me telling Joe. But yeah. Then we played blind volleyball! Lol the guys couldn't get my serves! >:3 Ha. Then we played Jaws because the blankets kept falling and stuff. So yeah. It was soo much fun though. Then we went back into playing Volleyball without the blankets. Next we went to the rock climb wall which I refused to do. :| Yeah. And then Erickson was trying to guess who I liked and ewwww. God he is a bad guesser. I also talked to Jerico and I was like DON'T TELL PEOPLE. So yeahh. Then we went to the obstacle course. I OWNED ALL THE PEOPLE I RACED! >:D HAHA. And they thought I couldn't beat them. NOWWHATSON! Lol. Um when racing against Nicole, Sparky the mascot came in and sat right in the middle of the slide! D: And that screwed me up but I still won. HAHA YEAH. That was like the
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This gets SO ANNOYING.Category: rant? Iunno something
Tuesday, 2 June 2009
07:00:27 PM (GMT)
You know what gets SOO FREAKING ANNOYING. When you hear people (say you're best friends) say that they're fat. They're ugly. And that they're unlikeable. That they always compare themselves to you. It gets ANNOYING. I swear. Like at school. My friends we just randomly talk about whatever. Then it comes to what we're eating. And they're all like saying "I'm fat." And I'm like you're not! And they say that just because of how skinny I am. They're like "Well look she's a twig and I'm like a pumpkin" Just because someone is a smaller size in jeans than you means nothing. I swear to God. I hate being as skinny as I am. But I don't go announcing to the world that I'm fat even though I'm skinny. Like my friend. She says she's fat. When she's not. It doesn't matter how much you weigh. Seriously. I mean you're just taller
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