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SexStory4Category: (general)
Saturday, 15 May 2010
07:36:44 AM (GMT)

SexStory3- AlleyWay:1Category: (general)
Tuesday, 9 February 2010
10:15:58 AM (GMT)
I was walking home from school as I walked down the street. I turned the corner and looked to see the alleyway was dark... the lights must of backed up again. They often did. I strated to walk when I felt something grab and pull me against the wall. "Sarah hello" the voice said. It was a mans voice. " Who are you?" I panted."Ive been watching you baby, I see you masturbrate thorugh your window when your parents arent there and how you rub your tits" he said.I didnt say anything I was too scared... this person had been watching me. He took me round the alley and into an appartment. He took me to a room and locked the door shut. He told me to sit on the bed so I did. He told me to take my clothes off so I did shaking. He took his off and pushed me so I was laying on the bed. He shoved his dick up me and it hurt so much I felt like screaming but then it felt so good I could feel myself throbbing and getting so wet as he went harder and harder. Then he stopped. "Kneel down by the bed and give me a
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SexyStory2-LesbianSleepover1Category: (general)
Friday, 5 February 2010
07:44:54 AM (GMT)
Cara wasnt the most popular girl as everyone in the class knew she was a lesbian so it was a shock to her when the most popular, and the most sexy girl in class [lucy] invited her to her sleepover. Cara knocked on the door of her class and sophie answered, and she was in her sexy nightgown, and told her to come and sits with the others in the living room. Cara followed Lucy to the living room and saw the other popular girls in sexy nightgowns sitting watching tv laughing. Lucy: "get changed, we promise we wont look" she said smirking as she sat with the rest. Cara changed into her nightgown and could swear they were watching her. "Lets play spin the bottle!" Lucy said. "But we're all girls?" Nicola, one of the other girls said.
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SexyStory1-DoctorsOffice1Category: (general)
Friday, 5 February 2010
07:37:22 AM (GMT)
Sophie was going for her next body exam so she sat in the doctors chair. The doctor
was a lady with big (.)(.) and very skinny with blonde hair. Sophies  (o) throbbed
hard as the doctor walked towards her. The doctor said to sophie to take her clothes
off and lay on the table. Usually the docotor would give them a robe to wear. Sophie
did as the doctor asked and layed on the table as the doctor watched sophies (o)
throbbed hard and her (.)(.) went hard. The doctor walked over to the table and said
"your body looks in perfect condition" and smiled as she walked to sophies legs and
asked her to spread them apart so sophie did as her (o) throbbed like crazy and got
wet and juicy. The doctor stuck her fist in her (o) and then licked it sucking it all
out as sophie moaned as this was excitment she had never felt before. "I see your
pssy is in order" the doctor smirked as she went and locked the sugery door
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