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READ!!! IMPORTANT!Category: (general)
Wednesday, 9 June 2010
01:22:08 PM (GMT)
okay so i wont be getting on here untill my laptop gets fixed (long story)(dad threw
it) so you can Email me at mew.wells@gmail.com or look me up on myspace. thanks miss
you guys already!

account stat for AprilCategory: (general)
Friday, 30 April 2010
06:05:42 PM (GMT)
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i want my boyfriend ))):Category: (general)
Monday, 29 March 2010
01:01:21 PM (GMT)
spring break sucks some searious ass when you cant even hang out with ur bf. i mean
all iv gotten to do this week so far is hang out with Christine, dont get me wrong i
love her to death! but i want to hang with Luke before he goes to the beach. and its
going to be hard bc i have to do 4 hours of work everyday plus my Lit home work. UGH
fucking URG! this SUCKS!!!! i hope i can see him tomorrow, but if i do that means i
might miss painting Christines room and her lil bros room with a bunch of my friends.
and idk what to do! im tottaly swamped, im soposto be eating right now, not doing
this and i still have to call Brittany and Luke and Christine AND my dad. UGH!
                                                 SPRING BREAK SUCKS SOME SEARIOUS

This WeelCategory: (general)
Saturday, 20 March 2010
07:13:35 PM (GMT)
okay so on Wed. me and Christine got in a fight bc she demanded that me and Britt watch her bag when we were sitting in the lunch room so she could go hang with her bf and we said no but she left anyways. so we went in the hall and left it sitting at the table. and her ex took it to give it back but when we got in the lunch room it was gone and we thought someone stole it. so she was yelling at us and we got in a fight. and so when we achually went to lunch she kept giving me dirty looks and i was soo pissed off. well we mad up the next day only to get into a nother fight bc i wouldent do her bio work for he. so bla bla bla two days of fighting. well on Friday she called and invited me to go to a New Moon party with her and that was funn, we got back at 2M. and then today we went to the Cherry Blossem fair in Macion and watched her lil bro Teddy and Sydnie. and then went on rides of corse (: and so when i got home i was WIPED OUT! but my dad said i had to do yard work. and gess who came
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what kind of world do we live in....Category: (general)
Sunday, 14 March 2010
05:49:06 PM (GMT)
what kinda world do we live in when a person cant even take a nap in her own sisters
bed without getting pushed off, and then punched in the leg?!?

2-17-10Category: (general)
Sunday, 28 February 2010
03:17:03 PM (GMT)
went to Lukes dads house to hang out yesterday bc the guy at the movies wouldent let
us in to the R-rated movie we wanted to see even though his dad was buying the stupid
tickits, gay movies people with there gay rules. but we still had loads of funn, i
got to meet his step-mom and his older bro Josh and his dad, who he says is a 'doosh'
but he was kool and funny. we watched movies in the basement and went on a walk and
just hung out all day (: it was our first non-doubble date (: way funn! soo glad i
went (:
no one is prob going to read this so idk why im posting it but w/e

V-day dubble date is the best thing to do <33Category: (general)
Thursday, 11 February 2010
05:04:58 PM (GMT)
yeah so Luke and me and Brianna and Criss are doing a duble date thing at Bri's
house this Saterday bc Luke is going to DC for the break on Sunday. but were going to
watch movies and hang out and eat pizza like the fatties we are!(: and cookies if i
get off my ass and make them...na...like that will happen.....and on Friday me Luke
and Jamie and Ryan are possibly doing a duble date too, and David just told me school
is out tomorrow! so Luke is comming over, yay! i hope it snows! haha like that is
going to happen.....

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