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Thoughtful momentCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 4 November 2009
02:30:46 PM (GMT)
I went to the hospital today, an old woman Jane was in for recovery for heart surgery and her left lung collapsed, there are complications though, combined with ger age- met her family briefly and made them tea and coffee doesn't look likely she's going to last for another day. How many people can say that though, while some people are doing poetry for their wednesday volunteer work, I go to a hospital and work with amputee's and the elderly. Poor Jane. Poor, poor Jane. She was crying and she had an oxygen mask on, while the doctors were explaining that to improve her very small chance of survival they'd have to preform some procedure on her, I overheard them saying it would be painful and
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Speakıng from TurkeyCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 15 July 2009
05:23:51 AM (GMT)
God the keyboards ın Turkey are dıffıcult. Cant fınd any punctuatıon So decıdıng wheather to go to AlCon as Rıza Hawkeye or not. I could order the costume but... not sure how. Its so hooooot .-. I dont do well ın the heat But at least the owners have a cat called CAT I love ıt! Lıke Breakfast at Tıffanys! But I speak at the most 10 words of Turkısh I sleep on the couch. My back was so bad one nıght I slept on the double bed wıth my mum and dad slept on the couch but she slapped me ın her sleep. Not doıng that agaın çöşüğ love those keys
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Disney surveyCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 4 March 2009
03:23:58 PM (GMT)
Movies Which Disney Princess film is your favorite? Mulan or Beauty and the beast of course! 8D Which non-Disney Princess Disney Film is your favorite? Anastasia she's the "princess" (Out of Don and Disney) I resemble the most, the whole pale skin, eyes and hair though mine isn't that long. Although I've been told not sure why that "Hollie your lips are like Mulan's you know?" Weird... But her actual story I'm a HUGE Romanov nerd XD So I love the fact in this film one of them lives a happy life Which Disney film makes you cry the most? The... ;-; Lion king... I still can't watch the scene where Mufasa dies! Or my god BAMBI DX "MOTHERRRR!!" It kills me! Which Disney film makes you the happiest? Beauty and the beast! =w=
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I need to stop doing so many surveys. Seriously.Category: (general)
Thursday, 19 February 2009
05:43:34 PM (GMT)
1. I used to have a life size Pickachu teddy... yeah and had conversations with it XD 2. Out of the four people in my family, I think I'm the smallest? Although dad's only 5ft 7... pretty close 3. The whole "I can't take a pill without drinking water/crushing it/liquid form of tablet" I don't understand it, when I take my pills it's *gulp*! that's all! 4. I am extreeeemely inflexible (right spelling? o.o) although I used to take ballet (my legs are a freak show of their own though 8D)
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Sneak hug! Niamh I took your surveyCategory: (general)
Sunday, 1 February 2009
02:40:14 PM (GMT)
STEP ONE [Spell Your Name In Songs] H- Holly would you turn me on- All time low O- Opheliac- Emilie Autumn L- Looking glass- The bithday massacre (Singing songs I know with L is hard) L- Lee- Tenacious D I- I like you so much better when your naked- Ida Maria E- Everytime- Simple plan (I'm basically singing the phannnnnnnnnnnnnnnntom of the opera right about now after searching my songs)
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Bravest thing I've ever done, involves nana'sCategory: (general)
Friday, 12 December 2008
06:11:18 PM (GMT)
Ok yesterday in school al of year 1 were having a "Enterprise day" and nobody know what it specifically invoved just making films and perhaps a camera. For the past couple of months my friends and I have had this joke between us because nobody can imagine me as a mum but only as a nan- thus Nana Byrne was born. We decided for a joke then to start writing my autobography, I'd made up jokes about my 58 grandchildren before, but we started to write it down an since I had to tell my friends it was anything that came into my head. And for the enterprise it was al of year 11, several teachers and an outside group in the hall. Our group was made up of Amy, Louise, Megan, Alex, Emma, Hannah and Niamh. Four of them however were only in our group because every group needed to be bigger
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European Music Awards?Category: (general)
Thursday, 6 November 2008
02:39:12 PM (GMT)
Just wondering- Is anyone watching it? I live in Liverpool where the awards are being held, and apparently half of the city center's being blocked off because of this thing. I'm pretty annoyed that you have to over 16 to go, and over 18 to win the tickets. My friends and I are only several months away from being able to go. However I'm GLAD that I get to miss all the annoying kids in school "oh mah god D': The Jonas brothers! I went to the Docks and hung out there for HOURS to see if I could spot them!! Jonas brother rules DX" -.- Silly silly children.
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