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22m-friendship but fighting like marriedCategory: (general)
Thursday, 8 January 2015
09:59:06 PM (GMT)
When trust and loyalty is gained, what is lost stupid fights lead down a rainy road laying wake at night thinking of the other standing your ground while hinting to the right path my best friend is a girl my age. she is funny and sweet she is stubborn and cranky she knows me well, vise versa when you grow to attached to someone, you start adopting their traits.
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i wrote my feelings. knowing that they wont be heardCategory: (general)
Saturday, 22 December 2012
11:58:58 PM (GMT)
you i loved you, n i miss u i cared for you i waited for you you didnt explain you didnt wait you didnt listen u didnt care why wont u answer
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ok i forgotCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 11 April 2012
11:37:49 AM (GMT)
mk so the second day of me writing these things. ive been having some girlfriend
issues at. trying to find out if she likes another man. and im trying to get to the
bottom of all this mystery she keeps hiding from me. we have been drifting farther
and father away. and i cant understand. its like u listen to english. you understand
it.. well after half way throught the convo the words are coming out like blah blah
blah. as if they are talking like people off charlie brown old cartoon. idk what to
do. she just wont open up. it doesnt help that i dont get alone time or judged or
have time to worry for my self. its all her all the time. any advice without any
crushing aftermaths?

ok ok it been to longCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 10 April 2012
12:59:23 PM (GMT)
ok so i just got the word in its 21 days till the end of high school. for my class at least. so ill be here posting something new going on in my life which in any case might be made up or has a slither of truth. today i awoke to a dragon. i moved away ever so quietly but in the proccess i must have stumbled over a rock. becuase i fell and hit my head against a bolder where i decided to lay untill the beast had quit the search. leaving its den i found my chance to escape to the town in which all the townspeople were up and about dancing and prancing as other towns wopuld say. in the heart of this town lies a beast which the town doesnt speak of. under lock and key this beast hears the town people from about awaiting her chance to be let free and allowed to go on her usual "hunt". i walked into a book store found myself into the newest adventures of the continueing series. and down at the pawn shop i found not much to be found that day. but in the grand halls of the city library. i found myself
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which disnie princess am i?Category: (general)
Saturday, 31 December 2011
04:49:03 AM (GMT)
Cinderella [ ] One of your parents is dead [x] You are expected to do a lot of chores [x] You like to dress up [] You love animals [x] You are waiting patiently for your Prince Charming [] Your mom is really strict [] You have sisters who seem kind of jealous of you [x ] You're afraid to speak your mind sometimes [x] You have left your shoes at a friend's house before [] You have blonde hair TOTAL:5
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party. to muchCategory: (general)
Sunday, 13 February 2011
03:09:13 PM (GMT)
for last week or so ive been smoking drinking and the wat nots. but after this week
or parting ive come sober to allmost everything this blows. my friend ended up
getting sick becuase of all of this but ive ended up better? how does that happen?
idk all i know is i had fun for this week or so. and probly end up partying some
more. plus a big tv internet texting suround sound syste with plenty of bass. my life
is pretty good atm.. i dislike that im used to the drinking and smoking already..
anyone else become imune to partying?

when things go from bad to worseCategory: (general)
Sunday, 25 July 2010
05:34:38 PM (GMT)
when all you do from the begining is watch from the side lines and 
see how things tun out and the situaion change into something you couldnt imagine
from the start.
what are you spose to do sit back take the pain?,
 jump in get hurt even more, tun your back on the situation,?
i guess its a choice for wat you want

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