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Just A Brush Up On Some History, lolCategory: Survey
Sunday, 24 January 2010
09:06:24 PM (GMT)
<h>My History</h><h>TAKE THIS SURVEY!</h> <h>PART 1:</h> Were you a planned baby?i was Were you the first?nope last Were your parents married when you were born?yes What is your birth date?January 16th <h>PART 2: THE FAMILY</h> Parents married or divorced?divorced Are you an only child?nope Are you the oldest, middle, or youngest?youngest Which parent do you get along with best?my dad
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Urbandictionary.comCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 30 December 2009
12:00:56 AM (GMT)
Who else just loves Urban Dictionary?? I look up random things on it like my name : 1.) Brigantia - Something that doesn't exist... 2.) Bri - term used fer a mad sexy beautiful girl who happens to a never notice them guys who love her and would give the world to her Sounds like me ^ & my friends Kayla - A beautiful female who is slightly goofy and really crazy in all areas of her life; never forgotten and always lovable.
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Mmm Whatcha Say! : )Category: (general)
Tuesday, 29 December 2009
11:49:56 PM (GMT)
[x] I avoid some people on purpose [x] I’ve thought about cheating [] I hate the way I look most of the time [x] I actually like the way I look most of the time [] I’ve been swimming in an ocean [x] I’ve been swimming in a lake [x] I have a sibling [x] I have pets [] I’ve been on vacation recently [x] I love meeting new people [] I am insanely shy [x] I’m on a sports team
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R.I.P. 12-23-09Category: (general)
Monday, 28 December 2009
09:08:50 PM (GMT)
Okay, I decided to write something about this finally.
My dog past away 2 days before Christmas. We had her put down.
My whole family was crying when we drove to the vets besides me. I was holding her
not even dropping a tear. Is there something wrong with me?
She was a lab, shih tzu, & a chow mixed. We had since she was around 4 years old &
died when she was 14 years, so we had her for 10 years.
We grown attached to her, but why didn't I cry? I mean, yeah, I have another dog but
she was my favorite out of the two, always going to the beach with me, playing fetch
& tug-a-war & things like that. She wasn't lazy at all, & acted like a puppy most of
the time.
I always brought her along with me, but for some reason I didn't cry at all.

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