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how much do you know about me?Category: (general)
Sunday, 14 June 2009
02:59:40 PM (GMT)
Where did we meet?_______________________________________Take a stab at my middle name?______________________________Do I speak a Second Language?__________________________Am I a cat lover or dog lover?______________________Color of my eyes?:_________________________________________Do I have any siblings?___________________________________What's one of my favorite things to do?_______________________What's my favorite type of music? _____________________________Am I taller than you?__________________________Am I shy or outgoing?_______________________________________Am I a rebel or do I follow the
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My stats in JuneCategory: My stats
Sunday, 14 June 2009
02:13:39 PM (GMT)
My stats in June
Your Oekaki has been kidnapped 8 times
You are on the friends list of 27 people
You have been blacklisted by 2 person
3 people have subscribed to your publications
You have invited 0 people to kupika

Profile views in June: 711
Maximum daily views: 92
Last edited: 26 June 2009

What I look for in a girl.Category: My own
Friday, 12 June 2009
09:42:47 PM (GMT)
What I look for in a girl: blonde,burrnett or black hair. green,blue,hazel, or brown eyes. shorter than me(I'm 5ft 4in) Talks in English Believes me if i say something
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Last edited: 26 June 2009

Can you write your own name?Category: stollen quize
Thursday, 11 June 2009
05:55:47 PM (GMT)
Spell your own name... no deleting! What is your name: Jacob Spell it backwards: bocoJ Spell it with your elbow: jimXC IOV Spell it with your eyes shut: jacob Spell it with your forehead: juqfo9bg
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Last edited: 26 June 2009

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