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Agent I- Girl Spy (Introduction)Category: (general)
Saturday, 7 March 2009
01:02:50 PM (GMT)
"Izzy, get out of there!" I almost had it out, and i wasn't going to drop it now. it was the worlds biggest mistake; letting Doctor Zeplin have the technology to have the worst bomb the world has ever seen. I ran with the case up the stairs, attempting to make it to the top of our building to throw the case into the ocean. Of course Doctor Z had a vendetta against the SSO, and of course it was on my day off he tried to set the bomb off. "I almost have it out! Is everyone evacuated?" I heard my mother sigh on the other end of the ear wig, "Yes, but there is about thirty seconds left on that bomb. Agent I, this is an order. Get out of that building!" I knew i was going to be grounded for a month for this. I reached the panel i was looking for and pushed up. I threw the bomb out of the small space, and pulled myself out with my arms. The fast tick of the bomb was about the same speed of my heart. I picked up the case and looked at the countdown. Ten seconds left. I ran to the edge of the building and
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STRESS TESTCategory: (general)
Saturday, 7 March 2009
12:40:52 PM (GMT)
STRESS TEST! (DONT CHEAT!) COPY,PASTE, Don't look at the bottom before you do the thing or it won't work This is scary but pretty accurate 1: Which color is better red, black, green, blue, or yellow? Green :D 2: What's your first initial? F 3: Whats the month you were born?
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I don't know what to do!Category: (general)
Saturday, 7 March 2009
12:31:18 PM (GMT)
Ok, so i haven't been on here in a while.. and i don't know what to do!!!! I don't
know if i should start writing again, cuz' i'm gonna start being on here a lot... and
i'm confused!!!! my writing has definitely improved in the two or three years i
haven't been here... but i'm not sure!!! HELP!!!!!!

Kiki, a day in my life ch. 11Category: (general)
Monday, 12 March 2007
01:43:27 PM (GMT)
"So kiki, or Mint whatever your name is... i will take oyu to your first class, well me and Brittany." "Uh... ok, thanks Madison. You can call me mint i guess." The other girls left while we started walking towards firs period. "So Brittany, do you like this uh first class.. whatever it is." "Madison and I.. and you know have History first period..." Madison interupted, "Yeah the teacher, Mr. Wilson, is so cute. He is like in his 20's still, and single... I will mary him!" "In your dreams Madison, he already gave me a rose." Brittany smiled and walked ahead. "Well Mint, i better warn you, Ashley is in that class." I rolled my eyes, "I could care less of what she or anyone else thinks, i mean, i was never popular any where i went when i was younger... much younger." "Oh please, like you wont we popular! Once words spreads that you dissed Ashley, you will be at the top of the food chain!" "You think??" "Please, i know!" We continued chatting until we walked in the class. I sat next to
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Kiki, A Day In My Life Ch 10Category: (general)
Sunday, 4 February 2007
07:22:06 AM (GMT)
When I got out of the limo, I was really scared, I thought nobody would like me. Turns out, I was right. It wasn't until 15 minutes after the limo had left when a girl, blonde, pretty, probably popular walked up and said, "Hi new-kid, so... what family did you come from??" By the time she stopped talking, her back-up was here. I thoguht I should just plainly tell her and she would leave me alone, so i said, "Oh! Well I don't remember there last name, but David and Gabriella. We live in the big house, well I think... Actually i'm not sure!" I felt really embarresed not knowing my last name or what street I live on. The girl responded and said, "The real Davud and Gabriella? As in the famous actor David?" she stood up strong, knowing that her "friends" were getting restless, "I don't believe you! Why would they want you? I bet you don't even have proof!" It was on now! After I went to sleep the last night, David had brought in a pink razr that said on the back 'from your loving parents,
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Kiki, A Day In My Life Ch. 9Category: (general)
Tuesday, 30 January 2007
01:57:42 PM (GMT)
Well, school huh? 'This should be interesting' I thought. "Okay so what do I wear to school? I am Not going to school in what I came wearing!" Mary laughed, I thought she laughed a lot, but she said, "No, not at all Kiki! Here, your closet has all sorts of clothes! From Aeropostale to Abercrombe to Hollister! I will get your breakfast and bring it up here while you are dressing, okay?" "Okay!" And then, when she left, I jumped up and ran to the closet. I opened the door and saw that Mary was right! The closet was almost as big as my room, filled with clothes on shelves that revolve! I went to a shelf that said Hollister and picked out a pair of faded jeans w/t holes and a Hollister hoodie that was blue. Just as I was done getting out of the closet, (I got lost once or twice) Mary walked in with my breakfast. Mmmmm... pancakes and eggs with a side of sausage and bacon! I rished to my desk were she set my food and ate everything, not a crumb was left on the plate. "Kiki! I have never
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Kiki, A Day In My Life Ch. 8Category: (general)
Monday, 29 January 2007
02:16:40 PM (GMT)
I awoke the next morning early, tired from the previous day, but when i went to get
out of bed i saw Mary and screemed. "Oh My God! What are you doing here?? What is it
like 6 o'clock?" She giggled and said, "No, I was just about to wake you! I guess the
Miss forgot to tell you that you are starting school today, you will be new but I am
sure you will make plenty of friends!" School, I was like just getting over the shock
from my room! I was really scared, but a girls got to do what a girls got to do...

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