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Fuck Everybody.Category: Cierra Being a Whiny Bitch
Monday, 2 September 2013
11:15:16 PM (GMT)
Okay, there is nothing that gets me more miserable and guilty then compliments. Like, I was literally raised in a home where if someone complimented you they were about to fucking use you. It always seemed okay to get a compliment from a stranger. Albeit, it was always a wee bit creepy, they never has as many ulterior motives. So now that I'm in my first SERIOUS relationship, I'm always getting complimented and stuff like that. While 20% of me is 'asdfjkl;'-ing on the outside, I feel like shit on the inside. I always grew up believing that I should never get something unless I deserve it, and sense I have the looks of a potato and the personality of an over emotional biich, I feel like I should never get compliments. Asdfjkl. ;~;

Friend quiz thing!Category: (general)
Thursday, 25 July 2013
04:46:23 PM (GMT)
Oh hai derr. You gais should take this. http://www.quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=1307251631253633&a=1& You know you want tooooo.

100 things because of reasons.Category: (general)
Tuesday, 23 July 2013
01:49:23 PM (GMT)
1. Favorite Game: Me3. 2. Nickname(s): Sia,C,and Sherlock. 3. Favorite colour(s): Cerulean Blue, and pink! 4. Male or female: Female. 5. Elementary School:Fort Gibson IE,and Lewis and Clark Elementary. 6. Middle School: FTG,again! 7. Highschool:.....Ftg....again. 8. College: Hopefully MIT, or any Ivy league school with a good Psychology program. 9. Hair Colour: Auburn. 10. Tall or Short: Short. 11. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans. I hate sweats with a passion. 12. Phone or Camera: Phone.
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Before you say I stoled this, let me explain to you a thing.Category: (general)
Tuesday, 16 July 2013
11:31:06 AM (GMT)
1.) Put your iTunes on shuffle. Give me the first 6 songs that pop up. Friend is a four letter word-CAKE Ice Coffin-Oomph! I just want to know- Relient K (god I hate this song) Coming Undone-Korn 3am-Eminem Terrible Things-April Smith 2.) If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be? Either Robert downey Jr or Johnny Depp. I would be able to die happy. 3.) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, give me line 17. The book closest to me is The Invention of Hugo Cabret. It has no words on that
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Random quiz thing.Category: (general)
Monday, 8 July 2013
03:27:18 PM (GMT)
Name: I go by Sia or Cierra. Single or Taken: Taken! Happy about that?:Absolutely. What are you wearing right now?: Grey tank top with gold stars, and my night shorts that are pink with hearts on them. Righty or lefty: Righty Animal: Wolves @u@ Sport: Soccer or baseball. Month: May Juice: Apple! HAVE I EVER: Bungee Jumped?Hah, no!
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Oh my god.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 26 June 2013
01:27:36 PM (GMT)
So today is a rEALLY HUGE day in American history! DOMA and Prop.8 were SMACKED DOWN by the goverment, California now allows gay marriage, and now gay couples get the same rights as heterosexual couples(sadly, it's only in states that have ALREADY allowed gay marriage). And that was only from today. Yesterday Wendy Davis had a successful filibuster to stop a huge and terrible anti abortion law in Texas! Even with all the misogynist,sexist,homophobic, and corrupt shit she had to deal with, she stood on her feet for 13 hours and STAYED STRONG! Because of all these amazing things, I was happy! So this morning, I ran down the stairs and said," VIVE LA REVOLUTION!!" and my mom literally stood up and screamed," CIERRA, BRUSH YOUR HAIR AND PUT ON SOMEWHAT DECENT CLOTHING, BRINGING DOWN THE PATRIARCHY CAN WAIT."

Because why not.?Category: (general)
Thursday, 11 April 2013
04:06:12 PM (GMT)
40 truths about yourself 1) have you ever been asked out? Yes 2) where is your default picture taken? Ahh well the only photo in my picstream is me looking sassy as fuck in Washington DC. 3) what's your middle name? Lynn~
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