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Gamerz REjoice!Category: (general)
Sunday, 10 May 2009
02:08:23 PM (GMT)
Hey all, are you a MMORPG gamer and want to find more gaming friends? WELL then come
join my new site ! it is a site where other members can keep
track of friends lvls or can join in on playing new MMO's we have forum events and
new updates coming. it is a small site right now but with you guy's help, IT CAN BE

MARAPETSCategory: (general)
Thursday, 16 October 2008
08:41:48 AM (GMT)
ok everyone i play a game called marapets. its similar to neopets but much better.
ok but if i refer people i get prizes so if u want to join click the link below and
sign up and i will be rewarded because of you  so please people pls join and help

Help me Refer peepsulz :)Category: mmorpg
Sunday, 3 February 2008
07:16:50 PM (GMT)
Hello everyone  do u like mmorpg's or online games where you fight monsters, get
levels and become stronger? or do you like RO(Ragnarok Online)? then come join us at and sign up and join the fun^^ we have a nice community,
hundreds of customs, and fun events  if you sign up and download the game and like
it, then email
and say u were refered by Riku^^ thanks everyone who signs up to help me and the
server refer new players

    Thank you all,

Category: (general)
Wednesday, 21 March 2007
04:16:07 PM (GMT)
hi if u love pokemon then go to this site and trust me u will luv it^-^

u will love this site all pokemon fans^-^ i am dead serious^-^

Vallatoga Chapter 7: the battleCategory: adventure story
Tuesday, 20 March 2007
08:49:00 PM (GMT)
" i dont know where he is" also panicked Sachel. Then they heard a noise coming from the lake " oh no" Eric moaned running to the lake to help Matt " im coming !" he yelled and he jumped into the lake to see Matt slowly sinking to the bottom breathless " bluup" is all he said from the bubbles when he tried to speak and he swam and grabbed Matt and took him to the suface where he was greeted by Sachel looking very worried. " is he ok?" panicked Sachel " i dont know yet, hes unconcous" said Eric as he throbbed and pushed at Matts chest to try to get the water out of his lungs. " please breath" cried Eric trying to get him to breath and soon after Matt woke up and was concious again " im fine" said Matt in a soft low voice. " oh good " said Sachel from behind them. At that time a dark mist had begun to rise from the lake and a shadowy figure became of it. " i am lord Dameastro the prince of all chaos" went a loud and deep voice. " who are you and why are you here" said Eric " i
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Vallatoga chapter 6: survivalCategory: adventure story
Monday, 19 March 2007
11:08:50 AM (GMT)
Sachel was laying on the ground unconsious. " Sachel! SACHEL" Eric yelled trying to wake her up but nothing happend. " oh great" Matt said finally bagging up the galawak. " so... wat do we do now?" Matt said " we need to set up camp here until she wakes up" Eric replied. So they started setting up the kentan tent and the sleeping bags. Later that night Sachel woke up confused and wondering what happend to the galawak. " we managed to capture it " Eric said " with the help of me" Matt said. " we better be on guard just in case we get attcked again" Sachel said " no dont worry, the kentan tent has well made defense mechanisms, so were safe until we leave tomarrow afternoon" Eric replied. More later on that night a big storm blew in and managed to break 2 of the tents defense poles and the tent went flying over Sachels, Matts, and Erics head. " I thought you said this tent was unstopable!" yelled Sachel over the roaring winds " I
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Vallatoga Chapter 5: the attackCategory: adventure story
Monday, 12 March 2007
01:53:20 PM (GMT)
So Matt and Eric took Sachel around vallatoga showing her the different areas and
wonders like the great pachi mountain and the galahoula crater and other great
sights. "be careful though" Eric said " even though vallatoga looks very beautiful it
still has monsters all over this world like salkwa's, teriiwok's, posarendacks, and
many other very ferocious monsters" Then Eric lead Sachel into the zoo to show her
some of the cuter and tamed animals. Then Eric got a telepathic message that a
galawak has escaped from a nearby protected habitat. " what are we gonna do?" Sachel
asked. " we have to go catch the galawak" replied Eric "we are vallatogas
protectors". "How are we supposed to survive against it?" said Sachel. " Easily, we
use our special stun weapons" replied Eric. So they spotted the galawak and then it
got frightened by Eric, Matt , and Sachel and it attacked them. So Eric quickly threw
a stun net on the galawak and it got a 50,000 volt shock. But it recovered quickly
and striked Sachel and she fell to the ground in pain...

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