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Just know, I got REALLY bored xDCategory: (general)
Monday, 16 May 2011
09:10:19 PM (GMT)
So, I decided to research how to become a playboy playmate xDD
This is the application I got off the playboy site
"If you can’t make it to a Playboy Casting Call, the easiest way to submit your
photos is to use this form. Applicants must submit a variety of photos--including one
head and shoulders shot plus four to six NUDE full-figure body shots (front and back
views). You must submit at least four NUDE photos. The photos do not need to be shot
by a professional, but they should be in focus. You must include a copy of a photo ID
that proves the applicant to be at least 18 years old (submissions will not be
accepted without age verification). Applicants accepted for consideration can expect
to be contacted within four-to-six weeks; photographs will not be returned"


Saturday, 14 May 2011
07:46:22 PM (GMT)
Pshh... I hated leaving you all but:

Bitches they come they go
Saturday through Sunday Monday
Monday through Sunday yo
Maybe I'll love you one day
Maybe we'll someday grow
'Till then just sit your drunk ass
On that fuckin' runway hoe

Rot in Pieces </3

TODAY WAS FREAKIN' CRAZY! [:Category: (general)
Thursday, 12 May 2011
06:28:26 PM (GMT)
So... a lot of things happened today... and I'ma telll you all about it xD Well to start my day off, I got a girl suspended! She was sexually harrassing Cole, Corey, and I. I told her I was going to tell the teacher and she said if I do she will kill herself. I said well, I will tell her you said that also. Anyway... I told her guidance coulselor person thingie and stuff... and then the teacher found the SNOT covered note about the suicide in the garbage :3 I hope she gets sent back to the fuckin' mental institute!!! I hate her ... ;3 Okay sooo later, walking in the hallway back to class Zack was in the hallway and when I passed he was like, "Hey, Raven, are you wearing panties? I can't find your panty line through your pants today /:" I was like "Uh... Don't I know your mom...? ;P" He was like "OHHH SHIT! Don't tell her I asked!!! But seriously... are you?" I laughed and said "Noo, boxers today.... lmfao" He was like "Wtf...? Guy or girl
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How stupid am I? xDCategory: (general)
Thursday, 5 May 2011
07:05:57 PM (GMT)
(x)Push doors marked PULL and pull doors marked PUSH. ( )Believe a bogeyman hides under your bed. ( ) Automatically turn around when somebody calls 'Hey, Stupid!'?. ( ) Think that being able to stuff your mouth full of marshmallows is a sign of superior intelligence?. (x) Trip over something at least once a day.. (x)Sometimes I dial my own phone number by mistake. ( ) Within the last 6 months, I mailed a letter without a stamp.. ( ) Right now, my socks don't match.. (x) I talk to my pet.. ( ) I can't program my VCR or my clock radio. (x) I have clothes in my closet that haven't fit me in over a year..
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Sunday, 1 May 2011
07:28:02 PM (GMT)
A-Z SURVEY♥ A - Available - Yeah(: B - Best Friend - I don't know anymore... C - Crush - I'M NOT TELLING YOU! xD D - Dad's Name - David E - Easiest Person To Talk To – No one anymore F - Favorite Band – I have no idea xD G - Gummy Bears Or Worms – Gummy Bears H - Hometown - Thomasville I - Instrument - Clarinet Dx J - Job - I don't have one
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Innocent or Guilty (stolen from Asim lol)Category: (general)
Thursday, 21 April 2011
05:47:17 PM (GMT)
Okay, so it goes like this. All you have to do is answer, honestly, whether or not you're guilty or innocent in the question asked. It's not too hard, you should understand it. Got it? Mhmm, let's start. 1. Asked someone to marry you? Innocent 2. Kissed one of your Facebook friends? Innocent
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111 Questions xDCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 19 April 2011
06:12:47 PM (GMT)
1)Are you really ready for 111 questions? yesh[x 2) Was your last real relationship a mistake? yes 4) Who did you last say “I love you” to? i forgot... 5) Do you regret it? nahh
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