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i guess i need some artrelated help.Category: (general)
Friday, 2 November 2007
12:19:16 PM (GMT)
my mind is blank and i have no idea.
so tell me what to draw.
i'd like to draw more dynamic things,bodies and poses.but I'm no good at thinking out
such things.so those kind of suggestions are the most welcome!~
Last edited: 4 November 2007

To all who's waiting for me to draw for them;Category: (general)
Saturday, 13 October 2007
05:22:54 AM (GMT)
Please be patient.
It might take me a while,but I will TRY to get them all done as soon as possible -
with schoolwork piling up and life in general,it may take me a few days or so.
Last edited: 13 October 2007

Music memequiz!Category: (general)
Sunday, 12 August 2007
06:40:48 AM (GMT)
'Cause I'm bored- RULES: 1. Put your music player on shuffle. 2. Press forward for each question. 3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn’t make sense. NO CHEATING! 4. Tag 5 people. 5. Bold the questions and with the answers, give your own comments on how it relates to the questions. How are you feeling today?
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Last edited: 13 October 2007

I've returned!...And.Uh.Other random stuff here!Category: (general)
Tuesday, 31 July 2007
02:43:28 PM (GMT)
I got home from my grandparents yesterday,after riding in the car for ten hours.(delightfully fun!..).Did you all miss me?I hope so,hahaa. Well,being with my grandparents was okay,albeit a bit boring.There wasnt really much to do,so i mostly spent time with my sister and sleeping xD my sleeping rhytm is all messed up now,I sleep 'til one o' clock,and go to bed at three in the night.Maaaaaan. ..And that's about it about my journey.Hah.There aren't much interesting stuff to write about it.'Cept I bought a few things.And got money.Yeah! But anyway. I recently got told I should write a profile about me on my..y'know,profile.I don't really know what to write though.Tell me what to write,anything from my height to ten
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Last edited: 1 January 2012

If I haven't replied to your letter and messeges..Category: (general)
Tuesday, 24 July 2007
09:10:27 AM (GMT)
..Then I'm terribly sorry.I try to answer many as quickly as I can,but sometimes,it
just doesn't work out well.

But,on other notes- I haven't been feeling well lately.My vision's blurry and my
steps are wobbly,and I often have headaches.And I have lost a lot of weight
Well,perhaps it will get better when I leave on thursday - I'm going to visist my
grandparents,so I will leave the city for the country.That's nice.Maybe the fresh air
will clear my head..??
I will be gone for about a week or so,and since they don't have internet,don't expect
me to come online and draw something,yeah.
Last edited: 1 January 2012

oekaki help pleaseCategory: (general)
Friday, 20 July 2007
03:40:24 PM (GMT)
I'm not very smart - how do I save my image,so that I can continue on it later?Do I
choose to save it so 'others can modify it' or..what??

Please help me;;
Last edited: 1 January 2012

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