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cant let it out 2 !!!!!!!!!!!Category: (general)
Thursday, 18 December 2008
10:37:57 PM (GMT)
fuck!!! wat da hell am i doing!!!!! my life is going no where i hav a bf and i dont no if his the one 4 me i like him ya but i want a seirous relationship seirous i dont no how 2 spell this word seirous anyway thats wat i need i guess really idont no wat i need who gives a fuck u no
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i cant let it out.Category: (general)
Saturday, 15 November 2008
08:22:58 PM (GMT)
WTF!!! i messed up. is it just me, or did i just run out of luck? was i just born this way? will i ever b ok? y does it hurt 2 b me? i just want 2 break free! i dont know wat 2 do anymore. i dont know if i can even do this anymore. but i cant take away myself. i cant leave a mess like that for my family 2 cleanup nd just get over it. so, im just going 2 live this life. it mite b boring , hopeless, and painful but, u dont just live life for u.
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sex with uCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 24 June 2008
10:42:17 AM (GMT)
i want u 
i need u.
my hands r cold nd they're on my breast.
where do u want them on ur body?
im so horney my legs r wide open.
come into me.
touch me. hold me. love me.
eat me up. suck me dry.
hav ur way w me.
im mowning. cring 4 u.
kiss me. bite me. fuck me.

About the boyfriend I DON'T haveCategory: (general)
Saturday, 22 December 2007
11:34:54 PM (GMT)
My mind melts as he talks to me.
                          His voice is so smooth, I hope he never leaves.
                                  His hair is so soft, my fingers dance thruogh it.
                                     I love him so much more that I ever knew it.
                                I sink into his eyes and cry.
                   I feel so funny I don't need to wonder why.
          He loves me and I know that.
             In his arms I feel more content than a cat.
                   I want him to know that I love him too.
       If we break up, my life would be through.

STARSCategory: (general)
Friday, 20 July 2007
04:14:49 PM (GMT)
When ever you are under the night sky filled with stars
to ask a question of importance,
you are looking up to the stars.
the stars hold power
so you respect the stars,
acknowledge the stars.
and hope that one day you'll be great, wise, beauitful
and powerful enough to be a star yourself at some point in the end of your life.
but it takes more than you think
tha stars are more than you think
so be all that you can possibly be 
and be your own answer
        be the stars

more info on fictionCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 27 March 2007
06:26:19 PM (GMT)
I like to: draw,write,listin to music, talk on the phone with a speacil someone, hang out w/ friends,paint,and a lot of other stuff. What I look like: gothic (because I am), always tired or and stressed. red hair when I frist die it but then it turned to a copper red. I wear really dark eye shadow and sometimes I put a little x be side my left eye. I don't wear too much color mostly black. How I present myself: I might appear lazy but don't be fooled. I am a very laid back preson though and it might seem like I don't care. My friends: I have a few emo friends, a punk friend, and some regulars.
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