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people of kupika: shut the fuck up with your whining.Category: rantrantrant
Thursday, 18 August 2011
02:16:05 PM (GMT)
i can't tell you how many profiles i see where all they say is how bad and horrible their lives are. omfg my lifee is so bad, you'll never understand me!! i cut myself to relieve the pain! blahblahblah whinewhinewhine bitchbitchbitch you are clearly just a pity party, and i really want you to get it through your thick, bitchass skulls. there are people that cut themselves, but they don't come on a social website broadcasting it for attention.
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why won't the oekaki program show up on my computer?Category: (general)
Friday, 5 August 2011
03:46:35 PM (GMT)
i'm kind of a noob with computers and programs and junk.
could anyone help me figure out why the oekaki program won't show up on my computer?
the box just doesn't show up.
it's been like this since we got a new computer, it worked on all of our other ones.
help mee? ):
i will love you forever if you help me solve this sad, sad little mystery.

urban dictionary surveyCategory: surveys, yo.
Friday, 13 August 2010
05:56:14 PM (GMT)
Rules: Go to and type in your answers to the following questions. Post the first definition it gives you. 1.)Your name? Briana girl with the body of a stripper who doesn't like that everyone else is taller than her. guy: "Woah stripper pants, you should try to gain some height." girl: "Yeah whatever tall person. Hope you fall and die." guy: "Damn, she's such a briana."
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