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yea...what can i say.Category: (general)
Sunday, 2 December 2012
05:36:50 AM (GMT)
severe boredom has pushed me very far, all the way back to kupika i just changed what my profile says about me, and i deleted the messages i had written for people on my friends list since i don't remember the people yet didn't want to delete the usernames....just in case anyway i just wanted people to think i was still alive and they could reach out to me if they wanted. i recommend "letters" cuz they don't delete themselves over time. only since i can't predict the next time i'll be driven to log in here, but if it happens letters would be waiting there. maybe i should make a fresh account and be a noob and i can tell people false personal information.... i just kinda think it's cool that my profile says since '08. i had even earlier
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wtfCategory: RANDOM!!!
Tuesday, 29 March 2011
02:02:54 PM (GMT)

i'm so little
there's an awkward almost 10 second still of me making a weird face and then a spin.
this is years ago wthhh
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fuckinnnn random questions againCategory: those awesome questiony survey thingies
Sunday, 13 February 2011
02:59:20 PM (GMT)
Who's the last person you talked to about sex? my ex from camp. he facebook IM'd me at 4 something in the morning and talked to me about random shit while he was sipping on cough medicine. wtf Last time you were called beautiful? idk Have you ever sat in the back of a police car? a few times Are you stubborn? it depends on the topic, if i don't fully support something i'm not going to be an
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Last edited: 14 February 2011

i've seen 140 out of 202 random moviesCategory: those awesome questiony survey thingies
Sunday, 13 February 2011
12:37:56 PM (GMT)
1(X) Grease 2(X) Pirates of the Caribbean 3(X) Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest 4(X) Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End 5(X) Boondock Saints 6(X) Fight Club 7(X) Starsky and Hutch 8(X) Neverending Story (I WATCH THIS ALL THE TIME) 9(X) Blazing Saddles 10(X) Airplane Total: 10
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Last edited: 14 February 2011

who's your best friend?Category: those awesome questiony survey thingies
Thursday, 10 February 2011
03:06:30 AM (GMT)
What's your best friends name? Shawn "Timson" Date of birth? April 24, 1994 don't take it personally, i'm not good with names but if i do know someone's name i probably know their birthday too. How long have you been friends? uhhhh my whole life What's your best friends dream?
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yea...it's christmasCategory: those awesome questiony survey thingies
Saturday, 25 December 2010
04:57:53 PM (GMT)
If you found out that you were going to be a parent, what would you do? i take the necessary precautions to prevent that from happening, if it did i'd be screwed What does your most recent text message say? "merry christmas =D" from Brooke everyone is feeling the spirit Do you currently have a crush on someone? Or any feelings at all? I do Could you forgive your bestfriend for sleeping with your bf/gf?
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Last edited: 14 February 2011

time wastingCategory: those awesome questiony survey thingies
Thursday, 25 November 2010
03:13:41 PM (GMT)
New questions, ready? that'd be a welcomed change Is there a boy that you would do absolutely everything for? yes Did you ever think you had the Swine flu? nope Name something you dislike about the day you're having? lying to my friend about something i should just be able to tell him. and my book had a shitty ending.
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Last edited: 26 November 2010

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