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Hello My love.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 24 February 2010
03:05:52 PM (GMT)
The one that loves you never should hurt you, but the same goes for you never hurt the one you love... I made that mistake.... It was all in January 2009.... He asked me out...I said yes.... Do I regret that? Depends on what.... Did I love him? To the day i die... Was He my worst mistake? Never... You may know him as a jerk or Akcrazy120
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Mp3 TestCategory: (general)
Thursday, 4 February 2010
06:19:56 AM (GMT)
1. Open your music library/MP3/iPod 2. Put it on shuffle 3. Press play 4. For every question, type the song that’s playing 5. When you go to a new question, press the next button [DON'T CHEAT AND PUT A DIFFERENT SONG!!] Opening Credits: How you remind me-nickleback Waking Up: In the arms of an angel- Sarah Mclaughin Average Day: Burn It To the Ground
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I'm Like THREE Disney Princesses!!! Pocahontas,Mulan, and My FAV
Category: (general)
Sunday, 24 January 2010
12:28:28 PM (GMT)
Cinderella [] One of your parents is dead [] You are expected to do a lot of chores [] You like to dress up [x] You love animals [x] You are waiting patiently for your Prince Charming [] Your mom is really strict [] You have sisters who seem kind of jealous of you [x] You're afraid to speak your mind sometimes [] You have left your shoes at a friend's house before [x] You have blonde hair (Naturally) TOTAL: 4
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YAY 100!!!!!!!! I can count that high????Category: (general)
Sunday, 24 January 2010
12:19:06 PM (GMT)
Hello it is my 100th entry!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! no one cares though right? Ive been a member since 2007 and its tooken me THIS long because i deleted alot..... So i was gonna post how upset i was over .... Life butttttttt that isnt good cuz its 100!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!1 If u did the Christmas challenge that even I didnt have time to do then good 4 u!!!! No one did last time i checked...... So how is ur ppls life uhhhh
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My ProCategory: (general)
Saturday, 23 January 2010
08:25:18 PM (GMT)
MyHotComments Happy New Year PEEPS I Miss You MyHotComments Got a problem? MyHotComments
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Oh My.....GOSH!!!!Category: (general)
Thursday, 31 December 2009
06:14:32 AM (GMT)
santa ish on the roof!what the hell is he doing here?GET THE COOKIES!!!!!!!Ill call
 he fell!!!!Oh No!!!! Did u feel the earthquake?
 NOOO! MY PRESENTS!  *bursts out laughing* haha stupid santa
Last edited: 23 January 2010

FAKES!!!!!Category: (general)
Thursday, 24 December 2009
05:02:55 PM (GMT)
Last edited: 25 December 2009

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