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cos i haven't logged on since.........Category: (general)
Friday, 25 June 2010
03:21:31 PM (GMT)
yeah so, i'd like to be updated.

1)wat da hell is "My Site" for?
2)i never really got the hang of "imageBB".
3)plz can all the my blacklisters come on stage and say a few words about how i have
offended them
4)anything else i have no clue about, guys, plz, help me out here

to all my (ummmmmm........ oh yeah) DEAR friends: can you guys, like, plz resend ur
messages. they've been deleted coz they don't hang around for more than 14 days.

ummmmm...............shud i say thanx or sumthing??

:)Category: (general)
Saturday, 22 May 2010
09:40:04 AM (GMT)
whoa hey guys, gud 2 be back haven't logged on since wen ummmm half a year ago. maybe longer. who cares. sorry to all my friends who been trying to contact me and i've been a pain in the arse and haven't replied. so, ummmm anyone who can tell wats been happening since, plz try to contact me. cheers and guys, enjoy while you can
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something that you guys don't haveCategory: freakatopia
Friday, 4 December 2009
11:34:47 AM (GMT)
Choc Kits, please don't read this. Please. To the other guys, this is something some kids go through. You can kiss your sweet ass and say that you're not one of them. The pictures weren't pasting but here's the idea. There's stitches all over the face, blood streaked across the cheeks, a eye is swollen and dead, a dummy in the child's mouth, the breath..........not there anymore I found this mail in my inbox and it's there as it was. No alterrations from me. ...............................................
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Last edited: 4 December 2009

to everyone who thinks that twilight can shove it's head into dungCategory: Twilight
Tuesday, 24 November 2009
10:20:26 AM (GMT)
here's some webs to..............

yeah, well, watch it.


Last edited: 4 December 2009

HIT THE DUST!!!!Category: freakatopia
Sunday, 8 November 2009
12:16:17 PM (GMT)
i dropped a stink bomb in my brother's room today
Last edited: 17 November 2009

http://ihatejade.com/?id=iw5tdop0kv7mhpk0a267nii61geuicCategory: LIFE!!!
Saturday, 7 November 2009
06:40:37 AM (GMT)
do u knw wat this is about?
it wouldn't open for me
Last edited: 8 November 2009

i knw that this sounds freaky but...Category: LIFE!!!
Wednesday, 28 October 2009
09:17:07 AM (GMT)
i knw this will sound freaky but.... i want an older sister or brother. i'm sick of being the eldest in the family i'm sick of taking all the blame i'm sick of taking responsibility i'm sick of it!
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Last edited: 8 November 2009

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