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Fukin winners and shitCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 13 November 2018
03:55:34 AM (GMT)
Ffion lost the popularity vote and sam won it 9-6
but the I own the electoral vote, and like the 2016 election thats what wins it

FFion wins idgaf

Time to Vote and shitCategory: (general)
Sunday, 21 October 2018
09:38:08 AM (GMT)
Pm or letter me yalls votes 

Want Grizzlies or Pussydestoyer be yalls new "leader"

got til Nov 20th

Thursday, 18 October 2018
08:56:12 AM (GMT)
It's FFION (pussydestoyer) VS FUKIN SAM (Grizzlies) anyone else has 1 week to throw the hat in the ring FFion aka pussydestoyer little speech leader should be because i still log in more often than you i cause more drama than eddie easily im the queen antagonist
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The New Kupika ReichCategory: (general)
Thursday, 11 October 2018
02:12:57 AM (GMT)
LISTEN HERE BOYZ AND GIRLS, I THE GREAT HOT OF CRAZYNESS HAVE BEEN STRUCK WITH INSPIRATION I just don't know anything about you people, you see the people in olden days were soooooooooooo much better You just can't beat the classic Satanic Nazis that love vampires, I mean eddie is here but in 2010 he was the king of manipulation, now he's irrelevant The mods actually listened to people, I mean my man Kyle aka extend banned 3 of my accounts on the forums and now the new discord server died, I blame musa and myself, mostly musa.
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Last edited: 11 October 2018

WinnarCategory: (general)
Saturday, 22 September 2018
05:38:44 AM (GMT)
porcelain won, everyone clap for her. NO THIS ISNT 22 DAYS LATE SHUT UP
Last edited: 11 October 2018

Ffion's actual answersCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 12 September 2018
07:33:54 PM (GMT)
Ffion pmed me and said these are my actual answers to the diary that she made earlier she gave me these answers as a last will and testament then she killed herself. ATM I am using the pussydestoryer acc. Reminder these are her answers not mine 1. do you have a good relationship with your parents? Fukin terrible 2. who did you last say "i love you" to? No one cause edgelord
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Last edited: 12 September 2018

Rage of the internetCategory: (general)
Sunday, 9 September 2018
09:46:15 PM (GMT)
Was doing the pokemons showdowns florentineza: fight Me: bit 10 mins later Me: 6 to 2 florentineza: NOPE 5-2 Me: 5-2 i miss counted florentineza: CAUSE YOU CHEATED CUNT FACE
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Last edited: 9 September 2018

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