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How to SkypeCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 19 February 2019
07:06:49 AM (GMT)
Step one: install Skype

Step two: notice how shitty it is and uninstall Skype

Step three: use discord


Got some pro ass tips on the discord, coming soon

How to VentCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 6 February 2019
05:07:57 PM (GMT)
Think i'm gonna start of series of guides on social medias, this one will be the first one Vent the app is discount twitter with the snowflakes of tumblr. here are some pro ass tips 1. to gain an audience bitch about how shitty your life is, half the people will click the hug icon and some will follow you for some god forsaken reason 2. trolling people by saying their are only 2 genders
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Last edited: 6 February 2019

Fukin winners and shitCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 13 November 2018
03:55:34 AM (GMT)
Ffion lost the popularity vote and sam won it 9-6
but the I own the electoral vote, and like the 2016 election thats what wins it

FFion wins idgaf
Last edited: 6 February 2019

Time to Vote and shitCategory: (general)
Sunday, 21 October 2018
09:38:08 AM (GMT)
Pm or letter me yalls votes 

Want Grizzlies or Pussydestoyer be yalls new "leader"

got til Nov 20th
Last edited: 6 February 2019

Thursday, 18 October 2018
08:56:12 AM (GMT)
It's FFION (pussydestoyer) VS FUKIN SAM (Grizzlies) anyone else has 1 week to throw the hat in the ring FFion aka pussydestoyer little speech leader should be because i still log in more often than you i cause more drama than eddie easily im the queen antagonist
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Last edited: 6 February 2019

The New Kupika ReichCategory: (general)
Thursday, 11 October 2018
02:12:57 AM (GMT)
LISTEN HERE BOYZ AND GIRLS, I THE GREAT HOT OF CRAZYNESS HAVE BEEN STRUCK WITH INSPIRATION I just don't know anything about you people, you see the people in olden days were soooooooooooo much better You just can't beat the classic Satanic Nazis that love vampires, I mean eddie is here but in 2010 he was the king of manipulation, now he's irrelevant The mods actually listened to people, I mean my man Kyle aka extend banned 3 of my accounts on the forums and now the new discord server died, I blame musa and myself, mostly musa.
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Last edited: 11 October 2018

WinnarCategory: (general)
Saturday, 22 September 2018
05:38:44 AM (GMT)
porcelain won, everyone clap for her. NO THIS ISNT 22 DAYS LATE SHUT UP
Last edited: 11 October 2018

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