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"For The Love Of Cats" -- Short Story (ONLY constructive criticism or
nice comments. Thanks.)
Category: Short Story
Monday, 30 May 2011
02:10:33 AM (GMT)
For the Love of Cats By Taylor Adams Standing in the middle of the pet supplies aisle at the local grocery store, Tara looked at the prices for various types of cat food. ‘He’ll hate me if I cheap out on him, but my pay check wasn’t anything special this week…’ At that moment, she spotted some 9 Lives on sale for $4.99. ‘9 Lives isn’t so bad!’ She thought, knowing, even as she grabbed the bag off
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Answer random questions about me and whatnot! :PCategory: (general)
Thursday, 6 January 2011
11:52:41 PM (GMT)
What would you do if: 1. I died: 2. I kissed you: 3. I lived next door to you: 4. You found out I was married: 5. I stole something: 6. I was hospitalized: 7. I refused to leave my home: 8. I got into a fight while you were there: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MY
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I'm an Emo Pimp, who likes to be different, who ate a jar of honey
because I had to. O.o?
Category: (general)
Saturday, 18 December 2010
02:57:10 PM (GMT)
What color/kind of socks are you wearing? [ ] Red = loud [ ] Green = stupid [ ] None = freaky [ ] Fuzzy = gorgeous [ ] Yellow = innocent [ ] Purple = a little too happy [x] Black = emo [ ] Stripes = funny [ ] Gray = skanky [ ] Pink = preppy [ ] Light blue = sweaty
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Pregnancy TestCategory: (general)
Thursday, 9 December 2010
10:50:05 PM (GMT)
TRY NOT TO LAUGH ( i didnt believe it, but it works!) ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
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The Bad Touch... XDCategory: (general)
Sunday, 25 July 2010
12:30:48 PM (GMT)
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc) 2. Put it on shuffle 3. Press play 4. For every question, type the song that's playing 5. When you go to a new question, press the next button 6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool... Opening Credits: Dance With The Devil- Breaking Benjamin Waking Up: Across The Universe- The Beatles
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Job Search...Category: (general)
Saturday, 24 July 2010
12:59:34 AM (GMT)
Ok, so I was pretty sure that looking for a job WAS NOT going to be an easy task, but seriously?? I mean, come on... It's been a week since I applied at Fazoli's because I heard they were hiring. So I went up there to ask if I could talk to someone about my application but apparently I have to wait for it to be processed and then they'll call me.... *** So far I've applied at:
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Glen Beck is full of shit!Category: (general)
Friday, 23 July 2010
06:55:21 PM (GMT)
Just sayin'... Ya know, for those of you that didn't know this already.

He's just another person that hates Obama, he just happen to get himself on TV.
Last edited: 25 July 2010

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