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Nother survey while my hair dries. :DCategory: (general)
Thursday, 17 December 2009
10:41:56 PM (GMT)
When was the last time you changed in front of someone? ..o.o;; What are you wearing? jammies. :D Where is the shirt you are wearing from? Khol's Do you ever turn your cell phone off?
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NOTHER SURVEEEY~ superduper looong. :/Category: (general)
Tuesday, 8 December 2009
11:31:30 PM (GMT)
What time are you starting this? 10:57 pm LOL XD Name? Kiyomi Nicknames? Kiyo, Jacque, Lexi xDD Date of birth? 9/13/96
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Latelatelate Halloween Survey xDCategory: (general)
Sunday, 6 December 2009
03:23:18 AM (GMT)
How old do you think is too old to dress up for Halloween? Once you get to the pedo-age. o.o How old are you? 13 FTW Are you into scary or sexy costumes? SCURY :"D Will you/ Did you dress up this Halloween? Hell yes. *o*
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Another quiz i stole. :DCategory: (general)
Friday, 4 December 2009
10:46:47 PM (GMT)
Is your hair up? No. xD Is your phone right beside you? Yes, Im awaiting phone calls from telemarketers. 8D Do you have a boyfriend? No ty. xD Do you wish you were somewhere else? Nah, Im good. c:
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I am A poison Easter basket C:Category: (general)
Friday, 4 December 2009
09:38:15 PM (GMT)
[ ] - You like cheese. [x] - You hate peanuts. [x] - You agree that this quiz is random. [ ] - You have farted today. [x] - You have choked on something. [ ] - You are a writer. [ ] - You smoke [ ] - You like to swim. [ ] - You have farted more than once today. [x] - You like ice cream. TOTAL SO FAR = 4
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Asian QuizCategory: (general)
Saturday, 7 November 2009
04:45:59 AM (GMT)
Once again, stolen from lollylovex3. xD If you're Asian you MUST take this quiz. If you're not, just do it anyway. Tag all your Asian friends, then replace the title with your result. (I am a/an______asian.) Section 1 [x] Are you Asian in the first place? [] Were you born in an Asian country? **my parents moved to the US before I was born ):** [x] Can you use chopsticks?
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FUCK.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 4 November 2009
11:50:47 PM (GMT)
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. AAAAAUUURHH. I was drawing something on the computer, minding my own buisness, when suddenly- BAM. It shuts down. fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck I was ALMOST done. ALMOST. I am so mad right now. So mad, that there isnt a word to describe how mad I am. Not infuriated, Irate, or even fuming. I have to make up something because there isnt ONE word that could describe my
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