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About the Characters of my storyCategory: Inuyasha
Sunday, 4 March 2007
09:53:19 AM (GMT)
If you watched the TV show it was be alot easyer. Inuyasha:He is a dog deamon,hes in love with 2 girls.Kikyo and Kagome.He has loved Kikiyo in a past life,and just met Kagome a while ago but loves her.He is about 20,and Naraku the evil guy made himselg look like Inuyasha and killed Kikiyo.That's why she died.But before she did she shot an arrow at the real inuyasha and amde him go sheepy for 50 years!!!!Good thing he never aged. Kagome:Is in love with Inuyasha abut knows he still loves Kikiyo,so he gives him his time.She is a 21st centry gal like us and does everything like us but shes a teen,shes about 15-18 years old right now.She protects Shippo when Inuyasha get mad at Shippo.She is a preist.
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The Inuyasha Story#1Category: Inuyasha
Sunday, 4 March 2007
09:18:33 AM (GMT)

Sooo ...
it'll probably be done soon.

a month ?
Last edited: 21 August 2009

[b]10 ways to tell if somone likes you[/b]Category: (general)
Sunday, 18 February 2007
07:18:47 AM (GMT)
1.They talk to u alot 2.They blush when your around them 3.They stare at you 4.They laugh at your stupid jokes 5.They smile when your around them 6.They send you notes
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Last edited: 21 August 2009

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