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Semi-interesting pointless information about meCategory: (general)
Saturday, 14 November 2015
01:06:59 AM (GMT)
So, due to the fact that I am the most conceited human being known to man, I am going to make a little list of stuff about myself. I know you don't care, I don't even care, but I'm bored so whatever. 1) I'm allergic to UV rays so if I'm in the sun too long I get really sick. For this reason I have a cool lacy parasol I have to use during the summer. 2) I put Tobasco sauce on just about everything, Including, but not limited to: PB&J sandwiches, waffles (instead of syrup, I'm not that nasty), any type of soup, buffalo chicken, flaming hot Cheetos, and just drinking it strait from the bottle, it's a genuine problem. 3) I have athletic induced asthma, which means that I am basically allergic to exercise and yet I chose the one sport in which you get yelled at for breathing to do competitively. A terrible idea honestly.
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Yay for boredom woot wootCategory: (general)
Thursday, 12 November 2015
09:15:25 PM (GMT)
The clouds came rolling in above me, bumping, tumbling, shoving, jostling for space.
Calm now, but promising a restless, stormy night to come. I wondered as I looked up
at the sky; not about some deep, life changing insight, I simply wondered about
everything, all at once, but at the same time, about nothing at all. I sat there as
the rain began pi-pattering down, and I cried. My tears melted with the rain and
flowered down to the soft grass, living beneath me. I cried with only the clouds to
watch, and the trees to listen. I cried out of love and loss, of joy and sorrow, I
cried as the world spun on and time ticked its rhythm, and finally, I felt peace. I
laid down on that living grass, under the living, on this living world, and let the
earth spin me to sleep

Random junkCategory: (general)
Thursday, 12 November 2015
12:08:45 AM (GMT)
11:11, make a wish
          I wish for your attention
11:11, make a wish
          I wish for your connection
11:11, make a wish
          I wish for your affection
11:11, make a wish
          I wish for your confession
11:11, make a wish
          I wish for your obsession

The CycleCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 11 November 2015
05:08:45 PM (GMT)
Read away
Reality falls away
Lets me run away
To lands far away
Never come back
Never look back
Hate to see the book's back
Bringing reality back

I don't do titles really...but...Poetry!Category: (general)
Tuesday, 10 November 2015
11:42:02 PM (GMT)
I can go for months and months and never feel a thing,
But eventually all walls crumble.
My mind becomes a little less numb,
And in emotion will tumble.
Everything feels more real,
The joy, the anger, the love, the pain,
'Till my mind begins to rumble.
A mental thunderstorm with lightning bolts of pain and anger, and roars of love to
The rain pours down my face
Until I begin to stumble.
When the storm is done and the clouds have cleared the wall rebuilds itself;
And I go numbly back into life's normal bumble.
Last edited: 10 November 2015

First Entry AwkwardnessCategory: (general)
Monday, 9 November 2015
06:36:49 PM (GMT)
Hi...I don't have any friends on here so I'm talking to myself, which I'm not gonna
lie, I kinda like. I'm gonna just post my poems and thoughts on here since there
really isn't much chance of anyone I know reading it and if I type it I won't have to
worry about my janky hand writing. If you stumble upon this junk and read it, I want
you to know I am 16 and not anywhere's near professional so don't be rude, but if you
like it feel free to talk to me I guess. Anyways...I guess that's all for now, bye
self and/or any mind-boggling outlier human who stumbles upon this while on the
interwebs. Sorry I'm awkward. I'll go now. Bonne nuit, a demain. 
~Vampixi (,,,) =^_^= (,,,)
Last edited: 9 November 2015

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