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Febuary Stats~ *_* I'm shocked. ._.Category: (general)
Thursday, 10 February 2011
10:35:22 PM (GMT)
Your Oekakis have been kidnapped 0 times. 
You are on the Friends List of 70 people. 
You have been blacklisted by 0 people. 
No one has subscribed to your publications. 
You have invited 9 people to Kupika.  

Profile Views  
Profile views in February:5235 . <---- O_O How did this HAPPEN?!?!?!?
Maximum daily views: 4573.  . <--- ._.' 

I fail to understand. XD
Last edited: 28 February 2011

How much am I worth? :D (Redid it cause I'm dumb C: )Category: (general)
Sunday, 16 January 2011
02:15:04 PM (GMT)
Natural Hair Color: [x] Brown - $100 [] Blond - $50 [x] Black - $15 [] Bald - $5 [] Other-$75 (It's like both ._.) Total: $115 Eye Color:
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Last edited: 28 February 2011

I'm what? ._. (Stolen from Poison; A force to be reckoned with) :3Category: (general)
Monday, 20 December 2010
02:57:50 PM (GMT)
What color/kind of socks are you wearing? [ ] Red = loud [ ] Green = stupid [] None = freaky [ ] Fuzzy = gorgeous [ ] Yellow = innocent [ ] Purple = a little too happy [ ] Black = emo [ ] Stripes = funny [ ] Gray = skanky [ ] Pink = preppy [ ] Light blue = sweaty
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Last edited: 28 February 2011

Quiz stolen from Rika~ (Nothing Lasts Forever)Category: (general)
Tuesday, 7 December 2010
10:00:27 PM (GMT)
:D Info [] I am shorter than 5'4. [Well, not hidious XD] I think I'm ugly [] I tan easily. [I change it alot] I wish my hair was a different color. [x] I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color. [] I have a tattoo. [x] I am self-conscious about my appearance. [x] I have/I've had braces. [Sometimes.] I wear glasses
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Last edited: 28 February 2011

Ranting about sickness xDCategory: (general)
Friday, 12 November 2010
08:33:45 PM (GMT)
I swear that life hates me! I'm getting sick ALL the friggin' time. =_= I missed a whole week, (aka this week), and all I got to do was die on the couch XD My life sucks yo TwT Pffft, I would trade anyone bodies. I feel like Helen Keller. (Is that bad to say? o.o) I'm blind (Glasses giving me a headache so I can't see SQUAT...YES. I have extreme asstigmatism TTwTT), My hearing sucks right now cuz I feel so groggy and puffed up ._., and other stuff xD My chest hurts and I keep running into EVERYTHING x_x XD I find this kinda funny actually XD Muuurp, I am havin' a tough time breathing -_- I'm pretty sure that I would die earlier than most people, don't you think? C:
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Last edited: 28 February 2011

HAPPY HALLOWEEN WEEK *_*Category: (general)
Wednesday, 27 October 2010
11:38:17 PM (GMT)
I love Halloween <3 I love the cold, I love the candy, and I love costumes xD I'm going as A gorrilla XD It's a FULL BODY costume and it has pointy nipples ._. My friend wants me to wear a Beiber shit on my gorilla costume. >.> So far this week I've been to 3 halloween parties, and this Friday halloween at school, and then on Sunday A bunch of my friends and I are gonna go trick-or-treating *w* *drools* When we Trick-or-treat it's not normal xD We dance and high five random people and dance in the foggy park late at night, and then we scare people lmao. After all that crap we find a place to rest and trade candy. Last year was suckish cause I forgot to use to bathroom before we left. xD
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Last edited: 28 February 2011

40 secrets!!~ (stolen from Nashea ;D)Category: (general)
Saturday, 26 June 2010
04:03:26 PM (GMT)
40 secrets about yourself. [one] have you ever been asked out? YES. [two] where is your default picture taken? I dunno >.> [three] what's your middle name? Nowal =_=### (I'm not telling you what that means T_T)
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Last edited: 28 February 2011

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