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Rant. You don't have to read it.Category: Writing/angsty shit!
Thursday, 19 April 2012
06:41:28 PM (GMT)
I don't want to fall asleep.  It's a waste of time that I will simply spend on here
I'm not hungry.
I feel sick, but I can't throw up.
I'm shivering, but sweating.
I can't cry any more, I've run out of tears.
I don't even care about sounding clichéed any more.
My hand hurts.  It wasn't sharp enough.
My boyfriend's talking to me as though nothing's wrong.  He can pretend, if he
Apparantly I have severe/manic depression. Wonderful.

Hair ^^Category: (general)
Thursday, 5 April 2012
05:58:48 PM (GMT)
I just dyed my hair, but artificial lighting makes it look redder than it is, so I'm
going to wait for tomorow to post pictures, okay Sable? :P
Very sorry!!!

It's called Chocolate Truffle.... Excuse me while I nom on my hair >.>

Guess what I'm writing about...Category: Writing/angsty shit!
Saturday, 31 March 2012
02:01:19 PM (GMT)
Never holding out hope. Never believing in the power it holds. Distancing myself. Afraid of injury. We can only pick up broken pieces so many times Before we start to loose parts of ourselves. But the real power it gives Is not the ability to be seperate. Is not being capable of apathy. Because, while these are valuable, Real power is soldiering on.
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Inscriptions~ ThomasCategory: OC shit >:3
Wednesday, 7 March 2012
05:56:31 PM (GMT)
The good side to wearing a watch everywhere was that Thomas was always on time. An added extra was that he couldn't see that bloody name on his wrist. The silver "Searching" band on his ring finger was enough of a reminder. Skye. How many girls in the world were called Skye?! He'd never find her... The assassin sighed heavily, pulling his sleeve down and aiming carefully before squeezing the trigger and waiting for the inevitable sound of police sirens. ~ He sat, incredibly bored as he waited for yet more questions. A ginger girl and a man were walking towards him, and Thomas assumed they'd be his next questioners.
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Back to workCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 3 January 2012
03:27:44 AM (GMT)
Well I go back to work today!
So replies may be coupled with long and ardous waits in between them...

I shall, however, try as hard as I can to reply as often as I can, but no promises,
I'm afraid!

Have fun going back to school etc...

Interview with an OC: Kari ^^Category: (general)
Thursday, 22 December 2011
03:12:43 PM (GMT)
Growing Up Meme Have a character answer questions about their younger years. Treat it like an interview. If you want to include parents, siblings, and childhood friends, it might make the results more interesting! 1. When were you born? Where? On the 5th September 1995. In a cottage in Rye, Sussex, England. 2. What were some of the first words and phrases you spoke? I remember starting the stories my parents read to me with "Once upon a time", and finishing with "Happily Ever After"...
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General Character Meme: Aiden FairningtonCategory: (general)
Thursday, 22 December 2011
01:40:06 PM (GMT)
1. Do you like this character? Well, he's me, so yeah, just a male version! 2. What do you call this character? Twit... I mean, Aiden >.> 3. Which color do you associate with this character? Forest green 4. What do you like best about his/her look? Timetobeanarcissist His eyes.
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