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So, this is Important to gaming AND youCategory: (general)
Saturday, 18 June 2011
11:52:32 PM (GMT)
So, there is this really awsome but REALLY hurting Gamerz club, please go take a
look, it is quite fun, be a special member today, find all of the wonderful details
of the club inside the discussion.
Club Link
Member Plead Link


Hey, Guys! (Video Games Update and Oekaki Requesting)Category: (general)
Friday, 10 June 2011
03:13:44 PM (GMT)
Alright, so this is an update on the video games I'm currently playing... Prius Online Level 10 Minstrel with an Anima - Merril CREATE A CHARACTER On this game, i just started it two days ago! Anyone else on Kupika that plays it? Message me! Dragon Age II Dagger Rouge, Lisa Hawke
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GPX+ Guide/How-Tos Pt 2, Shelter Grabbing and TimingCategory: How-To/Guide
Tuesday, 7 June 2011
12:49:46 PM (GMT)
In this guide, I will be telling you a little bit about Shelter grabs. I am a bit rusty on eggs, but still. The Shelter - Eggs You can have up to 6 pokemon in your party, 5 if your in an exploration (see my exploration guide Eggs are shown 60 at a time, and are usually where you can find the 'mythical' novelty eggs and occasionally legendaries (very very occasionally. I've only ever seen one once) The key to nabbing the good eggs is to A) Refresh a few times a1 - if you haven't found anything that you want, keep refreshing or checking back
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One Million Questions Part 1 and a quick thank youCategory: Questions
Monday, 6 June 2011
06:43:29 PM (GMT)
This is question #1 What is your favorite kind of music? Well, that proves to be a sort of hard question. Here are some songs/music I don't like Extremely Slow Ballads A Chair is Still a Chair sung by Kurt Hummel in Glee Rap Music - I like actual singing, and not someone spitting out a bunch of words that may or may not rhyme. The song that Diva sings in Blood+ I like more songs than I dislike, Here are some songs/music I do like Form This Way by inthelittlewood
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GPX+ Guide/How-Tos Pt 1, Exploration StationCategory: How-To/Guide
Thursday, 2 June 2011
01:34:50 PM (GMT)
Here is where I put Exploration Guides and Info. Explorations, Generally Explorations usually have 6 to 12 tasks, requiring normal or exploration items, clicking/being clicked, leveling pokemon up or giving wild pokemon correct berries, and that's basically it. Explorations usually have a pretty worthy pay-off Explorations. Incident In Yellow Forest Total interactions: 6,000 Total Dex entries: 50
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Minecraft NoteCategory: (general)
Friday, 27 May 2011
12:56:29 PM (GMT)
Yup. I started on a very foresty biome, which I at first thought had no stone, and
then went on from there. It was really very easy and I didn't
*Use Charcoal
* A bed
 or anything. I made a nice little cozy home from two pieces of coal and a waterfront
wall. (plus 44 wooden planks  )
Just a note out there to all of those 'if i encase myeslf in mud and use a bed...'
people. and the 'charcoal. Who needs coal! I can get it later!'
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Form this way vs. Born this wayCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 24 May 2011
05:31:37 PM (GMT)
BTW the first thing, form this way, is a minecraft parody of 'born this way' and I made those lyrics by watching the song so please don't be a hater. Which one is your favorite? VERSUS EDIt: the actual lyrics to song not my crappy ones LYRICS: It doesn't matter if you love Notch, Or the mythical He-Ro-Brine..
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Last edited: 22 June 2011

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