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Guess where I am?Category: Random Shit.
Saturday, 25 August 2012
10:53:20 PM (GMT)
Hello Michigan! 
I decided to fly out and suprise my friend just cause. c: 
So my stories and my message answering will be a little slow as I am hanging out with
her and her fiance. 
We went to Bone Island grill today, and I have kahula and coffee. Yummy! 
My friend sure knows how to take care of me, I might never leave. 
So I just thougth that I would let you guys know where I am, and that I wont be as
quick with everything as I usually am. 
Have a good night!
xoxo Aubree.

Pool Party Threesome for DMackCategory: Sex,sex,sex
Tuesday, 21 August 2012
11:39:33 PM (GMT)
This was an interesting story to write, I'm trying to figure out a new writing style so bear with me and let me know if you guys like it or not! Comments are from the Gods, and I would enjoy a visit from them. Enjoy. <3 Lee smilied as he saw the two girls clad in skimpy bikinis in the pool. He had invited the two over, they happened to be his next door neighbors and he had noticed them looking longingly into his pool for the past few hot days. He had been more then willing to allow them into his pool, but it was mostly because they turned him on. Ashley and Kate were two of the hottest girls in the neighborhood, and they both had something that turned him on. Kate had bigger breasts while Ashley had a bigger ass which he liked, and it was his deepest desires to them both into his bedroom.
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So I've been thinking,Category: Random Shit.
Sunday, 29 July 2012
07:17:28 PM (GMT)
That I shoujld open myself up to you guys, not that anyone reads my diarys except
for the stories. 
But I thought it would be cool if you guys asked me questions about things you guys
wanna know about, and I will answer all of them in one diary. Let me know!
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Sex/Bondage StoryCategory: Sex,sex,sex
Sunday, 29 July 2012
06:04:25 PM (GMT)
This is a strange story for me, so it it is poorly written then I am sorry. :/ Andy was taking her girlfriend, April, to go meet her family, well acutally just her father and uncle who were getting drunk at her place. She walked in and saw that they were sitting on the couch. "Dad, uncle I would like you to meet April." Andy said as she smilied as the two. April walked in and smilied at the two as well, who got a malcious look in their eyes. "Oh she is cute." his dad said as he walked up to the two and touched Aprils shoulder, "I think we might just need her for ourselves." Her dad said as her uncle grabbed Andy from behind and started to tie her to a chair, "No hard feelings, we just get horny when were drunk." he said as he tied her up. April was shocked but diddnt have much tim to react as she felt Andys father grab her from behind and started to play with her breast. "Perfect tits." He said as he started to
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I'm very sorry. :/Category: Random Shit.
Sunday, 29 July 2012
05:00:28 PM (GMT)
I have been busy with school, yeah even in the summer, so I havnt had much time to
spend on here. So I will be on now though, as the next semester of my schooling dostn
start till September, more like they wont let me take any more classes until then.
I've also been dealing with Ross' mom as she is trying to break us up, and that's
bene a little emotinal as well. 
So expect more stories, and please send me your requests. 
Thank you all, 
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Neko Lesbian Sex Story.Category: Sex,sex,sex
Thursday, 26 April 2012
05:23:20 PM (GMT)
This is a story about two Nekos, by the names of Mai and Nai. C; it is a lesbian sex story, between two girls, so if you dont like it then dont read it! Enjoy! Mai's ears twitched as she felt someone jump onto her back. "Mai! I missed you!" Nai said as she smilied at her friend and hugged her from behind. "Will you get off of me!? It's only been on day for petes sake." Mai said as she tried to get out of her friends grasp, but it was impossible. "But I really did miss you." Nai said as she smilied and let go, "Anytime away from you is not fun." She said as she bit her lip, "Besides." Nai said as she touched one of her friends ears, "Besides what?" Mai said as she raised her eyebrow at her friend. "Well I just really like you." Nai said as she smilied at her friend and walked closer to her, "I mean really like you." Nai
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I'm going through,Category: Random Shit.
Thursday, 19 April 2012
03:13:19 PM (GMT)
A really rough time right now. Emotinally really, other then that everythings alright for the most part. As most of you should know, I have a boyfriend. And he is the only one I've ever had sex with, with sex comes a lot of responsblity. I have been on birth control for years, at first it was because my period was annoying, and then it was because I had a boyfriend I was having sex with. But recently I've been having problems. I was always on the pill, but I've been busy so I wanted to switch to something I diddnt have to remember everyday. So I got on nuvaring. Everything was going good, until I started getting sick and like I had the flu. My doctor blamed it on the birth control, but it lasted for weeks so he put me on something else. The patch, it did the same thing. So we've been looking for a birth control Im not "allergic" to.
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