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I really want a den of angels invite.Category: (general)
Thursday, 18 November 2010
09:27:13 PM (GMT)
Need I say more?

random thoughtsCategory: (general)
Saturday, 4 August 2007
12:33:12 AM (GMT)
Things im not allowed to do at Hogwarts: Im not allowed to make lightsaber noises with my wand Im not allowed to hit wierd creatures in the head with a pokeball (espescially Hagred) Im not allowed to use substitution jutsu to skip class Im not allowed to use the force to catch the Snitch in quidich games THAT PLACE IS STRICT! anyway while on the subject of Harry Potter.. when i see this I hear Halo Music in my head
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Last edited: 1 October 2007

UNOKOCategory: United we stand!! or we should, anyway.
Saturday, 7 April 2007
12:01:11 PM (GMT)
Hello, i know, this is the second diary about UNOKO, i'm sure u all know what it means about now, but anyway, it means United Nation Of Kupikian Officers. the purpose, of this is not only to recruit members, but to tell u about wat we do. Cussing~ We work together to ban cussing from the fleeting thoughts box, 6-8 yr. olds get on here, and they don't need to see that. Cussing is a sign of a low vocabulary, and an uninteligent being. Obscene~ The meaning of obscene is unnecisary and innapropriate, pple do obscene things, like, posting bad pictures on thier profile, sending them etc. pple use obscene language alot too.
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Last edited: 1 October 2007

UNOKOCategory: United we stand!! or we should, anyway.
Saturday, 3 March 2007
01:18:23 PM (GMT)
Hello! this diary is a recriuting service for UNOKO or United Nation Of Kupikian
Officers, this service is dedicated to" the foundation on witch Kupika was built, to
protect all kupikians from harm! UNITED WE STAND!" if u would like to join, contact
Last edited: 1 October 2007

Kupika InternationalCategory: the Kupika newspaper
Sunday, 11 February 2007
05:55:17 PM (GMT)
hi pplz! sorry i didnt change it when i said i would, my cat stepped on the key board and erased everything i did! News: KOTORgamegirl is having a names contest! go 2 her diary and enter some names 4 her book 4 kp. She's also making a page 4 people who love KOTOR, or any starwars game. Sweetangelgal has published a homework helper 4 ppl who need homework help, and the winner of the names competition i had waz girlygirl_4_life. 2days poll: do u
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Last edited: 1 October 2007

Kupika InternationalCategory: the Kupika newspaper
Monday, 5 February 2007
03:48:21 PM (GMT)
Welcome 2 the first ever Kupika International, here u can c the latest news, get cool pics, read submitted poems and stories,( u can submit 1 2)take penpal polls,(using ur answers i will match u up with the perfect penpal)get info if ur a newbie, and we'll even have occasional kp contests! :^) i'll change the Kupika International every week(and if u tune n 2 Kupika International 4 five weeks u get 5kp points!) Latest News: kalieghrocks101 has been blacklisted!! stay away from her!! (answer truthfully 4 ur answers will determine ur penpal!) Penpal poll: 1. ur friend is failing math, do u-
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Last edited: 1 October 2007

namesCategory: my book
Sunday, 4 February 2007
02:42:56 PM (GMT)
I need help with getting names for the following for my book:
11 towns
powerful wizard(male
powerful evil wizard(male
a new type of race that has ears claws and tails like foxes (a race like as in the
human race

i might need mor,but this is all 4 now.
1 and a half weeks from now, i will choose and announce winners.
the winners will get 9 kp points.
Good luck!
Last edited: 1 October 2007

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