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~~Category: (general)
Saturday, 30 March 2013
03:47:34 AM (GMT)
Dear diary,
I have a Mama
She is too kawaii for you all.
So go eat a cookie.
Or go drink do the cinnamon challenge, or some crap.
She's kawaii, gtfo. .

yup. o-o


Uhm...Category: MyLifebro
Saturday, 16 March 2013
01:38:42 PM (GMT)
Heeey! I missed everyone! =D As you could tell, i haven't been on lately...
No. but seriously, I haven't been on because my brother, Who i think was in the army?
Finally came home.
Early infact. And tomorrow (3/17/13) he's spending the day with my family and me.
<33 eeeep~

Also does anyone know how to change the BG image for The diary? ._. I found a picture
i want already

Eh...Category: Meh ono
Monday, 25 February 2013
02:49:00 PM (GMT)
i really wanna let people watch me drawon my desktop.
That is all.


Oekaki problemsCategory: (general)
Friday, 22 February 2013
02:27:38 AM (GMT)
when i tried to draw on oekaki with my drawing tablet, nothing appeared,
BUT when i draw on MS Paint, stuff shows up.

help oAo


My SP Quiz results:Category: (general)
Sunday, 17 February 2013
07:11:22 AM (GMT)
I am Stan from South Park!
You are like Stan! You are honest and nice...and a little more mature than the rest
of your bonehead friends. You like to learn from life and are often put in weird
situations because of your friends. But you always look on the positive side of

(had to find a picture xD, and ask for link to quiz if you want) O3O

Stolen from Nana-chan @A@Category: Quizes and stuff o-o
Sunday, 17 February 2013
06:39:12 AM (GMT)
[] You know how to make a pot of coffee [x] You keep track of dates using a calendar [] You own a credit card [x] You know how to change the oil in a car [x] You've done your own laundry [] You can vote in an election [x]You can cook for yourself [] You think politics are exciting TOTAL SO FAR: 4
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Can you name 11 people? xDCategory: (general)
Sunday, 17 February 2013
06:31:14 AM (GMT)
Quickly copy & paste; Don't wanna spoil it. Name 11 people you can think of, right of the top of your head. Don't read the questions below until you write the names. This is a lot funnier if you randomly list the names. No cheating! 1) Andrew 2) Jewel 3) Felix (OHOHOHOHOHO, Youtube<3) 4) Jacob (. _ .) 5)Nana (xDDD)
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Last edited: 17 February 2013

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