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Life's update(2013)Category: (general)
Sunday, 20 October 2013
12:51:14 AM (GMT)
What's up people it's me again Ralphieboy I know long long time last I was on was December of last year it feels like forever! I do miss coming on here but most my friends from here I think left haha. I was among the top like 5 most popular people on the site at one time but now I'm not even known haha oh well. So like the title says this is my update to life, yea....not much has changed at all lol I'm 20 now and single once again finally got my first girlfriend in real life n it lasted for like 2 months then I had to break it off :/ it just wasn't working I wasn't feeling loved and as sad as it was I just had to for both of us. I'm in college now n I think it's a waste of time I still have no career planned and unfortunately with today's society and economy it's hard to get a job and what I really want to do I just don't have the physical and mental capability to. So basically I'm the same still lonely,sad,hating life,and lost and anti social but now I'm older and my life is just meaningless which
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KoreaCategory: (general)
Monday, 2 January 2012
03:08:22 AM (GMT)
So I've been on this Korean thing for a while now so if it was just a fase it would
of been gone and I really am serious about learning the language and going/moving
there I heard seol is beautiful the train system is the best I'm the world their
music and dramas are fantastic and honestly the girls and people are just hotter! And
the food well thats very important to their culture and I gotta try new things bc in
Korea if it's edible the eat it no joke  they eat dog n cat there so protect ur pets!
 I have 3 books on Korean and my iPod is full of Kpop and my Netflix recent views is
all Kdrama but! I can't even speak a sentence yet haha ik I'm horrible well I do know
네가 제일 잘 나가 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ ^^ BUT I can read n write in Korean! I just
don't know what I'm reading lol or if I know the word I can write it. And after
college I can go to seol and get a job as an English teacher and I only need to know
minimum Korean and I heard they pay good ₩!!!!! And Korean girls and night clubs
<3333333 my life  사랑 한국! Any way 감사합니다 for reading this ^^

KpopCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 4 October 2011
01:00:32 AM (GMT)
So recently I been into Kpop and it's amazing it really is and te girl voices are
beautiful and there English is so cute and good and there gorgeous sorry American
music Kpop FTW haha

My summer life of 2011Category: (general)
Friday, 26 August 2011
04:18:41 AM (GMT)
So it's almost time for school again I will be a senior though I'm supost to be in college but stuff happens I was a bad student but o well I had summer school which tuned out to be the best time of my life I had 2 classes and I knew alot of kids there I'm not sure of that's good or bad lol but first was math and I new like 7 ppl so it was fun then was biology I knew no one but it was ok by I love biology and animals but I cept dozing off lol then I went to lunch and hung out with like 5 ppl and I would see this girl I'm crushing on well was crushing on then we would all go to the train and have fun on the train going home I'd come home then sleep lol wake up eat and xbox till like 2 in the morning then wake up at 6:30. During summer school I finally talked to the girl I was crushing on n on Fb we talked for hrs but good thing bc after getting to know her I found out she is just not for me so I stoped trying but after summer school it all went down hill my laptop broke n my
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BlacklistedCategory: (general)
Saturday, 21 August 2010
03:31:08 AM (GMT)
Omg lol im like cracking up here i havent been on this site in FOREVER i just read
my msgs n reply then log off so how the hell do i have 14 ppl blacklist me n it just
keeps going up eventho im never on weird bunch of haterz i guess lol n come in i need
one more person as a friend to get 150 go me yay anyway bye ppl

My life is ovaCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 17 February 2010
07:11:57 PM (GMT)
Every chick I ever liked/loved is gone
Every one I ever loved is gone 
School sucks and so does life
My plans for life are simple
Kill my self or be killed
The end

LIGHTSCategory: (general)
Monday, 1 February 2010
02:07:30 AM (GMT)
Well this singer is amazing and hot an really changed my life 
I went from a dieing lilly to a hopping happy jolly frog
And I believe her music can make anyone happy and full of joy so like omg she stepd
it up and made more songs and got more beautiful I simply love her these songs are
for everyone there can fit into your life n how u feel n just give u hope n happiness
this is my dream girl I know I will never get her and it's ok but ugh I love her so
much n u should to! my one dream is to have her sing to me at my birthday I might die
that day to if I get s kiss on the cheek haha 
So ppl check her out omg I <3 her
Last edited: 27 August 2011

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