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Kupika has become so sad.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 31 December 2014
12:20:34 AM (GMT)
Kupika feel so lonely those days. Its like there is only 10 to 15 people on the
Its so sad that people left this website.
I joined Kupika in 2011 and they where like 50 or more people online something like
But every year it feels like more people leave 
I heard that in they year 2006-2008 that there was alot of people online but since
people became older and that there where trollers and cybering that people left.
I wish that the good old days where the good people from kupika are coming back.
I had some good friends back in 2011.
but in my opinion this webiste feels so lonely. Its acually a miracle that the
website is stil online in my opinion.

My soulmate chapter 1Category: (general)
Tuesday, 16 September 2014
12:31:38 AM (GMT)
Late at night. I was walking in the park where I found a teenage girl ho was abandon. She only had a blanket to cover her body for the cold. She looked at me so desperate. I saw her crying and I said don't cry please. Tel me what happend? We talked until midnight and I decided that I can't leave her like that. I took her too my house. But when we came home my mom and dad where mad at me. They said why didn't you pick up your celphone? I'm sorry but I never heard my celphone. I decided to look at my celphone and I saw that there was no battery. Sorry mom my celphone ran out of battery.
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graduation !!!Category: (general)
Wednesday, 25 June 2014
08:24:11 PM (GMT)
Wow. graduation feels great. No more school finally but at the same time sadness is
als on your mind because al those year that you have been together are over. You will
study further or get a job
A new life begins. When you cme home you actually don't really realise yet that its
over. i wanted to expres my feelings in this diary. 
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birthday and on france vacation.Category: (general)
Friday, 5 July 2013
07:26:11 PM (GMT)
yeah i'm 19 since the first of july and i'm in france in the cote d'assure in the
soud great weather.
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family is born.Category: (general)
Tuesday, 25 December 2012
11:00:49 AM (GMT)
One of my halfsister has yesterday evening giving birth.Its a girl. and her name is
Laura. i'm really happy.
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Cute scene. Haruhi and Kyon.Category: (general)
Saturday, 24 November 2012
08:28:52 PM (GMT)
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Romance Tips.Category: (general)
Sunday, 18 November 2012
07:23:33 PM (GMT)
Romantic tips to confess your love or just to have a romantic time together Confess your love. 1:Wait until there is no one or almost no people (sunset) go to the beach and write this message in the sand: I love you. (Very romantic). 2:Wait until its dark go to a romantic place and when you are ready: hug/kiss and than say I love you. (this is a fantastic feeling). 3: A classic way but still very sweet. Love letter. (Put your emotion in words). romantic time together.
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