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Woooow.. hahahaha :oCategory: (general)
Monday, 30 May 2011
06:18:41 PM (GMT)
Ohh damn! Haven't beeeen on thiss for likee 2 or 3 years? :p Wathaafuck I thought I
was all cool ;D 
Lmao! Thats funnnny (:
Ahhh kids these daays..
Obviously I waas one of theeem ;b Buut im all grown up noow :D
Soo I knoow better. 
Anywaaaaaays, this is probally the last timee you'll see me on here soooo,
follow mee in Twitter! :]
@Ayee_Priscillaa ♥
Byeeee freaks. <3

Miss Perfectionist' Chapterr 6(;Category: (general)
Tuesday, 6 July 2010
08:48:03 PM (GMT)
The date had started off great. Cristina had finally got her first kiss! As soon as
the date ended she texted Priscilla and thanked her exactly 30 times! The rest of the
days Crsitina and Priscilla were the bestest friends ever! They were also the most
popularest girls in school! Now your probally wondering why the story was called Miss
Perfectionist'. Well its all because Priscilla was the perfectionst. Before Cristina
was an un-popular girl and no one would talk to her but then when Priscilla came into
her life,she became everything people did not expect her to be. Well thats the end of
they story(;

Any questionss? Just ask themm at the bottom of this pagee!;DD

Miss Perfectionist' Chapterr Five!(:Category: (general)
Wednesday, 30 June 2010
11:26:39 PM (GMT)
The next day Priscilla and her friends went up to Cristina and started talking to
her.Cristina was a little but suprised but she started talking to them to.Soon
Cristina was apart of their cool group and she became populaur.But one day they
noticed she didnt have a boyfriend.So they gave her a makeover.The next day everyone
was suprised that Cristina actually looked pretty for the first time.That day was the
bestest day of Cristina's life.The guy shes been crushing on for 5 months (Erick)
finally went up to her and asked her if she wanted to hang out sometime.Haha of
course she said yes!Now it was Priscilla's job to fix her up for her very first
date!What will happen next?

Miss Pefectionist' Chapterr Four(:Category: (general)
Sunday, 27 June 2010
09:32:11 PM (GMT)
Threw Her Fist At Priscilla! A Big Crew Gathered Around Them As They Fought! In The
End Priscilla Ended Up With A Purple Eye And Cristina Ended Up With A Broken Wrist.
The Next Day Priscilla Decieded She Was Gunna Apoligize."Hey Umm Cristina? I Just
Want To Say Im Sorry For Your Broken Wrist." Cristina Replied,"Its Okay.Im Sorry For
The Purple Eye." "Its Okay.Umm I Was Wondering If You Wanted To Hang Out Sometime.The
Way You Stood Up To Me Was Awesome.So Wanna Hang Out Sometimee?" "Suree How About We
Go To The Movies Tonight?" "Alright Hahaha Umm How About At 6?" "Uhh Naah How About
6:30? "Okay Thts Fine." "Well Byee." "Byee." Thaat Night When Priscilla And Cristina
Got To The Movies Priscilla Had Also Invited Some Of Her Other Friends. So Cristina
Felt Out Of Place And Left.

Miss Perfectionist' Chapterr Three!:DCategory: (general)
Friday, 25 June 2010
12:05:10 PM (GMT)
After that strange moment for Priscilla she looked confused the whole day. Everyone got worried about her. So for revenge they went up to Cristina and yelled,"What the fuck did you say to Priscilla you fucking dumb ass!" Shes looked up slowly and said,"Well I told her that shes the same as everyone else and theres no reason for me to get happy just cause a girl like her talked to me."All of them looked at her and said,"Okay?"They walked away and automatically started spreading rumors that Cristina was some kinda physco and the next day the whole school was laughing at her. Like any other girl of course she cried. She ran to the bathroom and started cleaning her face right away. When she got in the bathroom right next to her was Priscilla. Cristina yelled,"Why the fuck did you have to tell your friends to come and spread rumors about me huh bitch? Why dont you face me yourself?" Priscilla then yelled back," Okay dude whats your problem I wasnt the one who started spreading rumors! As a matter a
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Wanna Be Populaar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Category: (general)
Thursday, 24 June 2010
02:07:33 AM (GMT)
Wanting to be popular doesn't mean that you try to be someone your not.Being popular means that you have a lot of friends another saying for popular is that you have a boyfriend and a lot of friends and your so cool and stuff.But if you want to be popular then just act your self and hang out with the people you wanna hang out with. EVERY ONE COULD BE POPULAR!!!
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Miss Perfectionist' Chapter Twoo!(;Category: (general)
Thursday, 24 June 2010
02:02:29 AM (GMT)
As Cristina walked into 1st period she accidently tripped on a piece of paper on the
floor. Everyone laughed at her, all except for Priscilla. Priscilla went to help
Cristina up and said,"Are you okay?" Cristina looked up and said,"Umm yeah I guess."
Then Cristina quickly got up and walked to her seat. Priscilla was suprised. Usually
if she talked to a person like Cristina they would get all happy. But instead
Cristina looked angry and frusterated as usual. So after class Priscilla went up to
Cristina and nicely asked,"How come you didnt get all happy when I asked if you were
okay like everyone else does?" Cristina replied,"Because, your just like everyone
else except your more popular and pretty." Priscilla stood there with a blank look as
Cristina walked away.

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