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FakesCategory: (general)
Saturday, 12 September 2009
11:27:25 AM (GMT)
On the sight called vampire freaks theres a cult named Fakebusters If you have a VF join it! For those on Kupika check these links out, they provide pics of commonly faked guys and girls provided by Fakebusters, and i have seen some of them floating around on Kupika people claiming to be them BOYS Comonly faked boys A-E
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Island QuizCategory: (general)
Friday, 28 August 2009
06:21:08 PM (GMT)
YOU'RE STUCK​ ON AN ISLAN​D WITH YOUR TOP 7 FRIENDS. 1. Hayley 2. Katlyn 3. Emily 4. Racheal
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Learning JapaneseCategory: (general)
Sunday, 10 May 2009
01:06:14 PM (GMT)
I really want to learn japanese i have a book and tape and everything but its so
boring that it takes me forever to learn with it. 

Does anyone know any good sites that help you learn it? There was this one site i
went to one time and it had this song to teach you your number 1-20 in japanese and i
learned them in like 30 minutes it was so easy and it was fun not just boring, those
are the kind of sites im looking for know any?
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I'm 48% obsessed with my lookCategory: (general)
Monday, 21 July 2008
06:25:01 AM (GMT)
You Own: Hair [x] straightener [x] curling iron [] mousse [x] hairspray [ ] gel [x] other sprays [x] bobby pins [] round barrel brush [x] blow dryer
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The-Toxic-AsylumCategory: (general)
Thursday, 10 July 2008
06:56:24 AM (GMT)
join my new club the Toxic Asylum it has games and contest i am also in need of
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The last episode of death noteCategory: (general)
Sunday, 6 July 2008
06:45:32 AM (GMT)
i just got through watching the last death note episode. I was dissapointed Light pretty much died with no dignity. He started freakin out if he had not said "i won" to Near then it wouldn't have ended that way. And Ryuk sucks for light he at the end was all like "the first person to pick the death note up will evenually have their name written by that death notes shikigami" I'm dissapointed that it's over cause it was my favorite show.I really disliked the ended but it was still really sad. After all that shit he went through it ended like that? all that for it to end that way?
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[GAME]the person below meCategory: (general)
Thursday, 26 June 2008
01:19:18 AM (GMT)
[Game] The Person Below Me It's simple. Person 1: The person below me is a girl Person 2: True. The person below me is terrified of clowns Person 3: false The person below me wants to grow a mustache And so on. =]]
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