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It's not the end...just yet.Category: (general)
Sunday, 17 July 2011
02:06:52 AM (GMT)
...I dunno. Just bored and unsatisfied w/ life. An yes, I abbreviate 'with' all the
time, mostly on paper though. Well, whatever,  not like it matters to anybody.. at
least I think so. Ah, well, now.I seem to be real sad nowadays. Why? Because I have
no one to talk to, or anyone that is willing to listen to me preach and complain
about life and everything in it, and existence. My cat is pretty good
company..sometimes...other times I swear he hates me. He is definitely bi-polar. One
moment he loves me, the other he doesn't, then he wants to kill me. I don't get it.

                                                         I JUST DON'T.

Mama, we all go to hell.Category: (general)
Sunday, 13 March 2011
03:21:55 AM (GMT)
I am at the moment obsessed with My Chemical Romance's album : The Black Parade. I
recieved it in the mail yesterday and cannot stop listening to it! I AM ADDICTED!!

Thats all.

Midori-chan. OUT!!  :3

D:Category: (general)
Sunday, 16 January 2011
02:04:06 AM (GMT)
Meh, sometimes I really hate my life and want to kill something. But! Obviously that doesn't happen... Durr... I also have a love/hate relationship with romantic animes. I love them because they are so cheesy and so sweet, but I hate them because they make me realize that I don't have what they do an probably never will... ): But all that is just plain depressing. So I try not think about these things, plus I always tell myself that it is too early to fall in love and shit like that... sometimes I think that I am stupid for thinking these pointless things. Its just plain stupid and useless. When I say this to myself I can always forget about all this nonsense. Besides, I have yet to experience life and stuff like that, cause all this is getting kinda stupid I should shut up now. LIKE HELL I WILL...Yeah, sure be stupid and keep blathering on and on until your brain explodes along with the brains of various other people who even bother to read your posts...sadface (which is not a lot, aka, no one
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Fudge nut cracker cakes!!Category: (general)
Wednesday, 29 December 2010
01:57:23 AM (GMT)
The title says all. Thats what i say sometimes instead of swearing. Dunno, how that
is working out for me, but hey! At least I reduce the amount of swearing in the world
by, lets see, umm... 0.000000000000000000001%? Well that goes without saying. People
look at me oddd sometimes when I happen to say that out loud. But I should just grin
an berert. HAHA. Sureee. I can barley smile, well I can if I want too, but my normal
face, just the calm, I'm not realy thinking about anything face looks a lot like a
I'm pissed off and I want to kill everybidy face. Thats why a lot of people don't
really talk to me that much, I have been trying to be a bit friendlier but I'm not
quite sure if that is working!! Hopefully my p.o ed face is improving  by at least
2%? Whatevs, thats just the way things are, and I have to lear to accept
them...somehow, anyone got a clue??

Midori-chan!! :3

STOP.Category: (general)
Tuesday, 5 October 2010
05:58:44 PM (GMT)
I MUST STOP WASTING MY KUPI POINTS. But it is very addicting to draw so I can't
stop, damn thats stupid. Oh, well at least some of the public likes my art? Well,
thats what I think. See you l8r!! 

Midori-chan!! :3

Nonsense...Category: (general)
Sunday, 3 October 2010
08:01:26 PM (GMT)
If everything was nothing nothing woul be everything and the things we though were,
wouldn't be and the life we lived would be gone and somehtings just wouldn't be the
same nobody would know a thing about it and if the world died nobody would notice
everyone would notice they would keep living their undead lives as if the world had
never come to an end a world with no meaning and souls plowing its earth the ground
eould grow poisonous flowers and no one would die it woulld kill off the air but
everyone would still breathe humans are indestructable at this point somebody has to
die but nobody does thats why the world combusts and finally there is an end...

Midori-chan!! :3

LOLCategory: (general)
Sunday, 3 October 2010
03:26:53 PM (GMT)
I don't even know why I write diaries anymore, they have no point anyways, maybe its
just to get more kupi points? Yes it is, lol!! :3


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