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BAHHHCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 16 August 2011
01:20:21 AM (GMT)
Kupika? Why not, it's been a kajillion years. I feel like taking a miniature pity
party rantish moment.
I FEEL LIKE A CRAPPY FRIEND. This honestly isn't to anyone in particular, but I just
feel like I'm not 100% friend, I'm like, 60%, but I'm afriad to take it further. GOSH
this isn't even a relationship like that.... I dunno, I keep seeing my friends say
things like, I'm not anyones best friend, and I'm like, woah, me too... But then I'm
like, Hey, we're both friends, maybe we could be closer, but then I just don't do it.
I dunno, i need the CHUTZPAH to go ahead and really get close to someone.

What is Peace? (Please read!)Category: What is Peace?
Saturday, 16 October 2010
02:48:05 PM (GMT)
I'm going to be starting a little experiment here, all about peace. You know, what is it, what was it, what has is it become? So I'd highly appreciate people participating when they can, which everyone can for the first few. Otherwise, it's just kind of a failed experiment. I honestly want to know people's viewpoints. When we're concluded I think I'll make a collage and siplay it. So here goes part one: Use peace in a sentence. Yep, that easy. They will get a little bit harder, but not too much, please answer! Mine: World peace is mostl likely impossible. (Yes, I'm a little negative on that subject)
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Please read!!Category: (general)
Monday, 6 September 2010
02:22:23 PM (GMT)
“Hello,” The house seemed quieter than normal. “Dad, Mom? I’m home…” I dropped my bag to the floor; the echo of the heavy books gave me a chill. “Hey, Daisy.” I said to the yellow lab, her eyes looked up at me, imploring me to understand something. “What’s the matter, girl?” She was cowering in the corner, her tail tucked between her legs, whimpering. I knelt down to pet her when I saw her eyes dart to my dad’s office; I knew something was wrong. I ran to the dark room calling, “Dad, Dad, where are you?” I hesitated before I turned on the light. What I saw forced me against the wall behind me, sliding to the floor, my hand pressed to my mouth. The dark puddle of blood seemed to swell around me, suffocate me. I wished I could have been like Daisy, that I could crawl into the corner and just cry, and try to forget the image ingrained in my mind.
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Does the fat girl want to be fat?Category: (general)
Thursday, 12 August 2010
07:13:45 PM (GMT)
Does the fat girl want to be fat? It’s truly not a hard question. A simple question with a not so simple answer. If you answered yes, then you’ve obviously have an immense amount to learn. Since I was in the third grade I’ve dealt with people saying things about my weight. Even as an elementary school student I knew I wasn’t anyone’s ideal picture. I had zero self-confidence and found that my personality was only what my best friend wanted it to be. When I think back on her I wonder how that girl could have been my best friend. Friends are supposed to build you up and love you no matter what, right? Well this girl did the exact opposite. She was a tall, slender, blonde It-girl; I was a chubby, frizzy, loser. I tore myself apart to make her world everything she wanted; I ripped away at myself for a girl who didn’t care about me. The biggest incident that stuck with me, kept me up crying, and still hurts me was
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Would you read this?Category: (general)
Saturday, 9 January 2010
03:45:30 PM (GMT)
Back of book: "I hearby send Markus Effle to a lifetime of prison on no bail for the murder of Kennedy Phaires." I hadn't done it. I didn't know who did, but I didn't do it. *** "Effle, someone's here to see you." I filed out obediently and looked into the face of Dennis Phaires, Kennedy's father. He talked about how dissapointed he was in me, how sad he was, and how could I kill a 14 year old girl. I listened sadly, he wouldn't beleive me if I told him the truth. That's when he got up and said, "Oh, one more thing." He leaned in and whispered, "I did it." Those three words have haunted Mark Effle for the past ten years. I did it.
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CARTOON CRUSH!Category: (general)
Monday, 28 December 2009
12:24:37 AM (GMT)
There's always that special man that just makes you melt that even your friends
like... or think you've gone insane. Well I wanna know about the latter catagory. I
know that all my friends stare me down when all I can do is gush about Robin (as in
Batman and Robin or Teen Titans) and surely my friends think I'm crazy for being in
love with Danny Phantom. To add to the list I (awkwardly) liked Tormund the neopet
from darkest faerie. So I wanna know YOUR cartoon crush. And since you read this you
HAVE TO tell me. I don't care if it's Link from the Zelda games (lol, you know who
I'm talking to!) or Tony from an American Tale. I WANNA KNOW! lol

(P.S. You can add me to the Link Lover list lol, OOH SEXY BEAST! LOL [Quite
Literally... If you played Twilight Princess then you know what I mean!])
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If the world was just a little brighter.Category: (general)
Saturday, 5 December 2009
01:14:43 AM (GMT)
"Natalie?" Her head was crammed in dreams and fantasies, who would want to wake up to a dull world as ours. "Natalie, darling." The lights were dim and Natalie's powers had no limits. "Oh, Natalie? Where are you. You'll be late for school!" Her unstoppable brain was decoding the thoughts of billions. And to truth, she could feel the love bursting from young couples and could sense the rampaging thoughts of young heartstruck girls. "Natalie Forman, please get up. Because if you don't I will tell Mistress Wheeler." Finally Natalie sighed and rolled out of bed. The foster home was vacent besides Natalie and Kristen Pommel, a kind but rather dull young lady. Natalie left without saying much, she had been up before and was fully ready for her trek towards the school.
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