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click here for random scribbles about my life (as usual).Category: (general)
Tuesday, 22 December 2009
02:16:27 PM (GMT)
hello guys, haven't written a diary in ages and this time i do mean AGES. well, the last time i wrote one was in july so like yeah. seems so long ago now. i just kind of forgot about kupika, and today i was bored so i decided to come back & write something for all my little kupika peoples to read (if they can be bothered). anyway, it's CHRISTMAS in 3 days and i am soooo excited ! i am hoping for a jack wills hoodie (random designer in england, VERY expensive so have to ask for it for christmas) but i dunno what i will be getting. i don't know how i am going to sleep on christmas eve, because the more i think about getting to sleep... the less i sleep. so chances are, i won't get any on thursday. but anyways, i am a bit stuck with what to write. oh yeah ! we've been having snow here in the UK which everyone has got all hyped up about because it doesn't happen very often. and it WAS quite deep snow, but i don't think we're going to end up with
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click here for MY LIFE. (24th july 09)Category: (general)
Friday, 24 July 2009
07:05:21 AM (GMT)
ooh hey guys! haven't written a diary in a while. i seriously can't believe that people actually READ the craap that i write about myself. well, if people like it then fine, i'll carry on (: so yeah - what's been happening with my life lately? well.. the school trip to thorpe park i mentioned in my last letter was amazing :D although it was really really busy and we had to queue at least an hour for every ride ! ah well, it was all good fun in the end - especially when me and three other friends were stuck on this particular rides at the end and we couldn't get our seatbelts undone :L aha and they were doing this 'world record' thing where they were seeing how many people they could get on the ride in one hour, so you only had twenty seconds to get off, grab your bags, next people dump their bags, get on and go ! aha well that was embarrassing. it's the summer hols now - whoo ! they started on tuesday and already we're experiencing the 'great british summer' - RAIN
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click here for free cookies. :D or my life.Category: (general)
Tuesday, 23 June 2009
02:07:20 PM (GMT)
hey guys. leigh here again. sorry about the free cookies thing. i'm outta cookies :D but whatever. i haven't written a diary for AGES so i was like, hey, i'll write a diary. yeah.. such an interesting story right? but anyways... what shall i talk about? oh yeah. I PASSED MY GRADE 3 FLUTE EXAM ! :D i'm so happy, although i was two marks off a merit. merit is better than pass, and distinction is the highest btw. we got the report back today, and we couldn't even read the examiner's writing. i was like... "er, the love.. was incorrect?" hahaa. so my mum got really annoyed and phoned the people, lmao. it was funny. and i'm supposed to be banned from my computer today, 'cause i was like really rebelish and didn't turn it off yesterday when i was meant to, but my mum and dad are out and they think i'm doing my homework so yeah.. what a rebel i am, eh? i'm seriously running out of things to write in these damned diaries.
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i am getting sims 3 tomorrow! i can't wait! :)Category: (general)
Thursday, 4 June 2009
01:33:03 PM (GMT)
i'm probs a nerd or whatever looking forward to getting it, but it looks AMAZING and i'm getting sims 3 tomorrow :D has anyone else got it and is it really good? taa guys, leave comments. LOVEAGE. (:

when science books fly.. ;)Category: (general)
Monday, 11 May 2009
02:06:50 PM (GMT)
my science book flew away from me today, in 'gale force' winds. i think it wanted freedom. but i managed to run after it, which was a relief. although i looked pretty stupid. a lot of people, as it turns out, like to stand there and watch someone trying to catch a science book in gale force winds. i suppose i would, really, if it wasn't me. i don't have much luck in science tbh, i also dropped a petri dish in the pond. yes, good times. [almost] has your science book ever flew away from you? yes, i know this was the randomest diary ever but i couldn't think of anything else to write so SHUP, k? [: no one reads my diaries anyway. if you do, and found this remotely interesting, pls comment. trust me, i have many more embarrassing stories of what happens to me in
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diary 7th may '09.Category: (general)
Thursday, 7 May 2009
02:03:30 PM (GMT)
hey guys, it's me again. writing a diary on kupika because i can't be bothered to do anything else, basically. today's thursday 7th may, i've been at school and embarrassed myself 3 times, i won't tell you all of them but let's just say i dropped a petri dish into the school pond and lost my shoe. yeah, does that give you an image in your head of what sort of person i am? anyway, my life's pretty boring atm, apart from the petri dish thing, lmao. if you haven't noticed, i say lmao waay too much, but at least i don't say tbh after everything now. god that WAS annoying, especially when i look back on previous diaries and see everything tbh. tbh, tbh, tbh. what is up with that anyway? god, i'm going on again. that's another thing i tend to do, now why can't i babble on like this when i'm writing my REAL diary out by hand. 'cause my hand hurts too much, that's why. i love the song 'if u seek amy' atm, if you haven't heard it search it on youtube, it's an AMAZING song but you have to listen to it a
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life updates. [again]Category: (general)
Wednesday, 11 March 2009
02:40:31 PM (GMT)
no, i haven't been on kupika for 60 days. which equals 2 months, doesn't it? ok, whatever. my last diary was in december and it was about the x factor. lol. since my last life updates diary, i have got rid of my annoying habits (almost) which were: putting tbh after everything [now that i've written that im going to start saying tbh again now lol], doubling the last letter of everyy wordd likee thiss [almost gone] and being obsessed with the songs i kissed a girl, hot n cold, and disturbia. well those are definitely gone even though i still have those songs on my ipod and listen to them at least once a day (; my new favourite song is taylor swift's love story, which i have learnt the whole song off by heart and listen to that at least THREE times a day :D my personality hasn't really changed much in 2 months you know.. well i'm currently getting bored of
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