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.First Days of Highschool.Category: :D
Saturday, 11 September 2010
08:57:06 PM (GMT)
The first 3 days of highschool went really well for me! It's a lot better than I had expected. All of the freshman are really nice with a couple of buttmunches here and there, but the people from my old school (for my 8th grade year) stick together like were family! I get to school around 7:10 so I have like 50 minutes to hang out with my friends xD (school doesn't start until 8:00) My classes are kind of hard to find mainly Literature, and World History 1 but I manage to get to them on time. And on the 3rd day, the world history teacher is already giving us a buttload of homework -___- oh well. Anyway, how is YOUR school going?

H-High School D8Category: CLICK ME!
Tuesday, 7 September 2010
10:47:38 PM (GMT)
Tomorrow I start high school...My first day as a freshman...Please, is high school as bad as the movies make them? D:

NEW ACCOUNTCategory: read
Friday, 25 June 2010
05:13:08 PM (GMT)

Worst day...EVERCategory: sad D:
Tuesday, 27 April 2010
11:59:17 PM (GMT)
urgh i had the worst day...first off one of my closet friends slapped me! there was
a red mark on my face and she didnt even care! all she did was laugh and when i was
ready to punch her, she screamed and hid behind her boyfriend because shes too scared
to stand up for herself! not only that but she didnt even say "sorry for slapping
you!" then when i got home, her bf has messaged me saying i was an "uncaring bitch"
and not to talk to them. then kelsea (the ho who slapped me) messaged me saying i was
being mean, and she didnt so anything wrong! okay so i guess leaving a slap mark on
my face isnt wrong? i would do something to her but if i did she'd snitch. i could
report her and her bf for assault and show the principal the messages..besides kelsea
always talked bad about my friends. she even criticizes me about what i like in guys
and my clothing style. i like dressing unique. no one else in school pulls off my
outfits. and she hates the attention i get from them because no one comments on her
whoreish skirts, and slutty shirts...

Homework Help? Please!Category: GWAH SCHOOL!D<
Friday, 23 April 2010
08:37:01 PM (GMT)
i need help solving these equations T_T 2x+5=17-4x 3x+18=6x 3(x+4)=24 5x+12=9x-8 4x-3=7x-18
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I am 20% obsessed with musicCategory: CLICK ME!
Saturday, 6 February 2010
02:11:31 AM (GMT)
wow only 20% .3. ALTERNATIVE: [] Breaking Benjamin [] Paramore [] Panic! At The Disco [x] Linkin Park [] The Academy Is... [] Coldplay [x] Three Days Grace
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Threats and Romance <3Category: GWAH SCHOOL!D<
Saturday, 6 February 2010
01:47:33 AM (GMT)
What an interesting title Anyway there has been some really bad drama going on at my school. Theres this girl named Madison, who I ABSOLUTELY HATE. For one things she dresses trashy and has no self respect for herself. At the lunch recess -the part after we finish eating we go outside- she was pulling her shirt off in front of her boyfriend of the week Riley. One of the playground supervisors yelled at her to keep her shirt on, and to come here. She's really mean to my best friends Kelsea and her 3-5 month boyfriend Tyler. The Backstory:
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