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8D; Wooo~ Seme/Uke MemeCategory: Journal Fun
Monday, 22 March 2010
02:49:51 PM (GMT)
SEME/UKE MEME Less than 20=Seme More than 20=Uke 01-[x] You like to be content in everything. 02-[] When a person confesses his/her love to you and you don’t like him/her, you start feeling very tense and/or you don’t know what to say. 03-[x] You enjoy listening to smooth and relaxing music.  04-[ ] You are quite hyperactive.  05-[ ] If you don’t like something, you start crying and you don’t care if you start talking too loud.  06-[ ] You love candies or any type of caramel. 
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oMg LiEk OmIgOdDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Category: (general)
Friday, 13 November 2009
01:23:12 AM (GMT)
i leik lIek Liek liek LIKe LeIKKk ttly dont knw whaaatttt tooo doooooooooooooooooooooo!1111111111111111111111111111111111! liek so borredd........ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hiiiiiii every111111!!!!! i come from da dead sosososososos bee nicee to mee, okay? )))!!! i like to draw animnga like its so kool! and i like food too . youm. avocaod is delishhhhess. i LOVE IT! SoSOoSO GOOD WITH SUGARRR. HEhehehehehehe. my name is KUN amd i freaking hell just LOVE EGSS. YEAAA, EGGGSSS. but sumtimez they makes u fartz, lmfaoooo. mah mom blows a stink 1 rofllflflf
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How Asian are you?Category: Journal Fun
Sunday, 1 November 2009
02:47:01 AM (GMT)
-stolen from Rainy- 8D Note: this meme isn't meant to be racist. =| I don't think it was intended to be racist. It really is your choice if you want to take it or not. -shrugs- Section 1 [x] Are you Asian in the first place? [ ] Were you born in an Asian country? [x] Can you use chopsticks? [x] Have you taken Vietnamese/Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Lao/etc. school as a kid? [x] Can you speak an Asian language? [] Is your favorite subject math/science?
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My own oekaki board! :DCategory: (general)
Sunday, 18 October 2009
02:21:12 AM (GMT)
Hey! Hey! I've made my own oekaki board. =D Yeup, it has Shipainter/ Shipainter Pro/ Paint BBS and other functions. ^^ Like animekaki and OekakiCentral. It's really awesome and stuff. :D I still have to make the banner to it, but that can come in one day. Anyways. It's original purpose was to be a personal oekaki for myself only. So why am I telling you guys this? =o
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The talk about college is really tiring...Category: Rant
Tuesday, 13 October 2009
11:14:57 PM (GMT)
I'm tired of listening to my sister and my mom talk on and on about college. Though I know I'm not the one being lectured/ arguing by/with my mom, the thought of it scares me, since I have around two more years to decide what to do. I'm kind of torn between going to another state or staying here. =| I want to explore other states, and I know I can take care of myself, but I don't want to leave my family behind to work their ass off to pay for my college tuition. I've already decided what I wanted to be, but I'm not sure if the education here is good enough for what I want to study to be. =| IDK.
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Mock Cosplay: Ciel PhantomhiveCategory: Mock Cosplay
Monday, 5 October 2009
06:54:15 PM (GMT)
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Meme stoooleeenCategory: Journal Fun
Saturday, 3 October 2009
02:08:10 PM (GMT)
From now on, you can’t tell lies, are you ready? Dang, I love telling lies. D: Think back eight months ago, were you single? Yes. =D What do you carry with you at all times? Er... nothing really. o__O; If I'm going places it's my messenger bag. XD Who was the last person of the opposite sex you text messaged? I don't text. o_O;
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Last edited: 27 November 2010

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