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Well Well Well,Category: (general)
Sunday, 20 November 2011
07:43:45 AM (GMT)
Its nearly christmas, & i assure you... I haven't been on here in ages.
Met some new people which is cool ^_o

How are you guys?


Christmas Carol: My Own.Category: Short Story
Friday, 18 December 2009
04:37:42 AM (GMT)
The city streets were bleak and cold. The icy wind cutting through a persons thick woolen sweaters. The snow coating the ground with a nice thick blanket. The sky scrapers tops full to the brim with snow. Not many people were strolling around town. Especially not Big Boss Broogue. He sat in his warm office, ordering cold, ill colleagues around to get his papers printed, letters sent, and food cooked. Miss Brandy knocked on his office door. "Big Boss? May i ask you something?" She said, pushing the door slightly open and poking her head around the door. "Bah Humbug, what IS it?" He growled, in a irritated voice, as though many had bothered him that morning, when non had. "Um, May i have Christmas week off?" She asked in a worried and hopeful voice. "You know fully well that Harley isn't around to take your place!!," He bellowed concentrating on his computer screen, "And i suppose you will be wanting $50 more onto your wage?" He continued, now looking up and scowling at
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JOIN- True Roleplay!Category: True
Friday, 11 December 2009
05:12:50 PM (GMT)
Join this one club, needs more members!!! Not my club! xx Link is below....
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I gotta stop doing this! Haha...Category: Random
Saturday, 5 December 2009
06:13:10 PM (GMT)
i say boys, you say? Some...Are ok... is there a girl that you would do absolutely everything for? Not really...Besties aren't for that! Lol does anyone regularly - other than family - tell you they love you? Nopee... who did you last talk to on the phone? Tammy, My mate
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FairyTale DreamsCategory: Short Story
Saturday, 5 December 2009
03:46:29 PM (GMT)
I'm Karachi, 13, I live in a huge house, but locked up in a library full of many wonderful books of all Genres. I read them all, i imagine...I dream that one day, i will live in huge towering castles, that shine with blue brick and i will have long blond flowing hair, that falls to the ground, in curls after tied in a bun for a day of ruling and happiness. I dream, that i will wear famous dresses that skimmer my feet, that wear diamond studded heels. My dress would be made of layers of satin and have silk lacing and white cotton frills underneath, also i will have a shawl that will drape around my bare shoulders in grace and beauty. On my head would be petals from the garden, that were scattered over me by citizens of my town, a crown with many jewels of colours in the rainbow. It would glint in the bright warm sun, that helped the flowers of Orchards and Daisies, Bluebells, and Hydrogens. My husband would be King and wear long flowing robes, with real red satins and black soft spots.
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W h o- W a s- Y o u r- L a s tCategory: Random
Friday, 4 December 2009
03:22:22 PM (GMT)
Have To Do This!! You can't explain anything Unless they message you and ask! Lol! Post back a W h o- W a s- Y o u r- L a s t Q: Like someone? True. Q: Kissed someone on your top? False
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Handy Handrew-Series from the Wizardred Family SeriesCategory: Short Story
Sunday, 29 November 2009
05:54:18 AM (GMT)
Mother, Familial-Carey-Shappern, lay in her four poster, puffy quilted bed and snoozed, while in terrible pain, as she was severely ill, with pain in the back, cold, and blue face and feet. She looked terribly scary, but i felt sorry for Mother, since, Doctor Phillipe had to take an a day to get to our large manor, Harbern Manor, which stood high on Old Pergunt Hill, survived for hundreds of years. John and I, house elves and The 3 Witches, helped Mother in every-way. We brang her warm, grass soup, her favourite and crushed egg shell milkshake, good for the bones. Her poor, icy blue face hadn't changed colour, no matter what food, drink we gave her. The cold, scary look lay on her frozen face, even though deep inside Mother has a warm beloved heart. Her feet were deep blue underneath her thick, pink, woolen socks, and slippy slippers. She lay in her best nightie with silk lace tying and real woolen hem. Also, her favourite gown hung on the hook by her white pine wood door. She lay,
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