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Leaving-ish.Category: (general)
Friday, 13 March 2009
06:09:30 PM (GMT)
yepyep. After two long years here, I'm afraid I'm kind of quitting. :/ I'm going to get on every once in a while, when I'm bored or whatever, but this place is a bit boring and annoying now. -.- I never have any new messages, and if I do, it's usually some n00b, all liek, LOL. wassup? what's your deepest secret? I JUST LOVE HANNAH MONTANA D; those people give me headaches. anyways, so If you care enough to go on myspace or gaia looking for me, http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=366472672
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lol :> sorry, im random. .:[R.A.N.T]:.Category: (general)
Sunday, 4 January 2009
01:54:35 PM (GMT)
D< one of the things that piss me off the most are people who are liek, "lolol. muffins. 8D sorry, I'm random." WTF JUST GO TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FCKING INTARWEBS SRSLY JUST STFU AND GTFO if you're going to be random, BE FUNNY
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myYearbook halp?Category: (general)
Monday, 24 November 2008
06:31:32 PM (GMT)
i just got a myYearbook thingie
if you know how to work it

D< im getting one of these before im 30Category: (general)
Wednesday, 5 November 2008
09:08:12 PM (GMT)
Not one of those, specifically. But, one in general. They're called ball joint dolls, and they are beautiful! *.* <3 The base is around $80-150 depending on how good it is, the head is about $50-100, and everything else is usually under $80 they can be liek, super customized srsly google it T.T but they're sooo expensive
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Last edited: 5 November 2008

Best piccies I've takenCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 15 July 2008
08:12:11 PM (GMT)
:P i saw eddos category in the Kupika popularity things for artistic pictures xD so i decided to put some of mine up my camera type wont let me put them on picstream so i put them in a diary
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Last edited: 5 November 2008

D: what a horrible horrible thing v.vCategory: other
Wednesday, 2 April 2008
06:41:17 PM (GMT)
v.v our sub. bus driver is horrible he's strict, acts like a freaking communist D: he kept turning around and stopping, and i got all claustrophobic, and he would let the kids off, even when their parents were right there D: they had to climb out the windows xD which was kinda awesome D: but anyways,
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Last edited: 5 November 2008

O.o I'm thinking of writing another fanfic.Category: other
Monday, 31 March 2008
05:10:05 PM (GMT)
i just need a topic
im thinking an Elder Scrolls:Oblivion one,
avatar: last airbender
which one do you think?
Last edited: 5 November 2008

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