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My Burffffday :DCategory: (general)
Sunday, 4 March 2012
10:10:04 PM (GMT)
In less than two hours or actually rather
Tomorrow is the anniversary of my Birth(:
This girl will be seven.teen years young!
I am such a happy child.
I hope I get bunches of birthday wishes.
I want to have an amazing birthday(:

Valentine's DayCategory: (general)
Monday, 13 February 2012
10:16:11 PM (GMT)
I have to admit this has been a pretty screwed up last two weeks. I mean honestly. But I can't wait for Valentine's Day. I have enjoyed my ups a shit ton better than my downs(: I'm stronger than I think I am(: I get to see my love tomorrow and he gets his Valentine's and Birthday present tomorrow because the day after Valentine's Day is his birthday(: he is my bestfriend and im glad he has been through everything with me(: I am so in love with him and this Valentine's Day will be the most special one i have ever had. So yeah maybe it wasnt a great lead up to this day but it sure as hell was worth all that extra effort on my part(: i really hope it was for him too. i love you baby. you are with me through thick and thin(: Between you and i, i think im falling for you all over again(: and thanks for helping me to get over useless things that have happened in the last week(: I had an amazing time with you at the mall, the sweet heart dance, flea market shopping, build-a-bear, and just sitting next to you
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Stole this from VictorCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 1 February 2012
02:30:49 PM (GMT)
ANOREXIA. [] You have dry skin. [x] You eat one meal. [] You're very weak. [] You hate yourself. [] You starve yourself. [x] You have low self-esteem. [] You use laxatives. [] You need to be skinnier. [] People always say you're skinny, but you think you're fat. [] People think you are too skinny. Total: 2
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You won't understand even if i explainCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 19 October 2011
05:55:55 PM (GMT)
I know i have had some rough times with you. I know i have had rough times with you
too... You guys both are supposed to always be there for me and no matter what i do
you aren't supposed to just kick me out like a dog... You guys always end up doing
this to me. The first time the last time and i bet there will be a next time too. I
am tired of it but i will put up with it every time... i dont wanna lose you two but
if i have to be the one to help try to make this work then i am through... i cant put
myself through it anymore. I love you guys and i always will but you just gotta trust
me when i do something stupid because in the long run you will see why i did it. And
you can't get mad at  me if i do things for myself. Yeah i do think of others but its
time i ought to be putting myself first in my OWN life...
 I love you guys. 

--love, Jess

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