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Grave DiggerCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 18 February 2009
03:52:46 PM (GMT)
When I dig a grave I sure dig it deep. I dig and dig, and never get sleep. And when I dig, I cry with every heave. But no one ever sees, so its hard to believe. When I dig a grave I sure dig it deep.
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LatelyCategory: (general)
Thursday, 12 February 2009
11:17:28 AM (GMT)
Lately I've been happier then I've been in a good 7 months. I am back with my ex.
James. and I love him with ALL my heart. He is the light at the end of mt dark tunnel
that I've been going through since my mother passed away. He understands me so much,
and I him. I love him and I always will. I hope hes in my life forever. He is the
greatest person in my life. I can honestly say he is my hero. That sounds really
cheesey, but he is. he has been through so much, and yet he can still find something
(which he says is me) to make him smile his glorious smile. He had the best smile in
the world, and the best heart to match. <3

TODAYCategory: (general)
Saturday, 7 February 2009
08:27:21 PM (GMT)
This has been one of my best days in a long time.
I'm so fucking happy.

Log Entry 1-24-09Category: (general)
Saturday, 24 January 2009
06:35:01 PM (GMT)
I really don't know what I'm going to do. I'm being torn into two opposite paths.
One with my current boyfriend, and one with my ex, who I am afraid may be my one true
love. That sounds extremely cheesy but, its true. I love both guys, because both of
them bring out a two separate sides of me. One side is the shyish girl that is book
smart and loud too. And the other is a crazy teenager, that can barely calm down long
enough to tie her shoes. I can't see Joe's and I relationship ending. Just like I
couldn't see James and I's. I don't know what I'm doing anymore. I don;t know where
I'm going. Sadly, if this isn't resolved by the end of senior year, I'm going as far
away as possible from both of them.

My Country Tis of Thee. Sweet Land of LibertyCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 20 January 2009
03:43:56 PM (GMT)
I watched our new leader. Dignified and brave, he walked across the platform. I watched our vice president be sworn in by a Supreme Court Justice of the supreme court. I watched history write itself into out books. The orchestra played and the Us Citizens watched in awe the new beginning for our country as well as for our people. I continued to watch, knowing this wasn’t the leader that I would have chosen. My ears caught every single word eache speaker spoke, even though I couldn’t quote or reiterate it to you exactly. And as the Justice swore our new President in ; just the words each man spoke brouht tears to my eyes. And as our new President spoke I listened in amazement, unable to tear my attention away for more then a few seconds.
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Baby...I'm Gunna Be A StarCategory: (general)
Monday, 19 January 2009
09:11:30 PM (GMT)
Baby when I die, fuck giving me a halo. Put me up in the stars, let me sit on the constellations. Let my mother join, We have catching up to do. We could talk forever, or just not say a word. Baby when I die, don't cry or even be sad.
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TogetherCategory: (general)
Saturday, 17 January 2009
10:55:29 AM (GMT)
Lets cut my wrists together, paint our forgotten promises with my blood. Maybe then we could forget the heart beats we shared, as mine slowly start to fade into the night. Could you, would you? Because I can't let you go by myself. Could you, would you? Because I can't and won't hold on. Lets spill my blood together, and paint our old lives red.
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