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Sara's storyCategory: (general)
Sunday, 3 January 2010
04:45:32 PM (GMT)
It was raining, and all the kids were tucked into bed. One girl, who was terrified of thunderstorms, was hiding under her bed."Sara, are you in bed?" said the girl's mom, looking for her.M-mommy? Why is-is there a loud noise after the l-light?" She asked from under her bed. "That's called lightning sweety. It's a bolt of electricity coming down from the sky." *Flash*...*BANG* *Screams* "Make it stop!" She pitifully cries, cringing and holding her head. "It's alright Sara. You know, sometimes people start counting when they see that flash." Her mom says, trying to console her. "W-why?" Sara asked, as if she thought that was a crazy thing to do. "They do that to find out how far away it is, and also which direction it's moving." Her mom replied. "How d-do they find that out?" Sara inquired. "Well, when they see a flash-" *Flash* "-they begin counting until they hear a bang-" *BANG* *Scream* "-and whatever number they get up to before the bang is how far away it is." "R-real-ly?" Sara stammered
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CuriosityCategory: (general)
Sunday, 3 January 2010
03:11:53 PM (GMT)
When Kinra and Hikaiki fell to the forest floor, the children who were hiding came out to investigate. Kinra looked up, slightly dazed, and saw those strange creatures surrounding her, but they were a few of their feet back. One of them still had it's arms over it's head against a tree, still shouting out things. It must have not heard us. Kinra thought. She tried to flee, but realized she was pinned down by a thick branch. "Try to lift it from your side Hi.. Hikaiki!" She suddenly realized that Hikaiki was sprawled underneath the branch, unconscious. The creatures kept muttering to each other, as if they were arguing about what to do. Kinra struggled, hoping that she had enough strength to knock the branch off of them. But her injuries were too severe, and the weight of the branch stayed on her back. Then she saw, almost like they were startled by her struggling, the creatures ran away, towards the city, or the shiny place with no trees as Kinra called it.
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HikaikiCategory: (general)
Thursday, 17 December 2009
10:11:45 AM (GMT)
Hikaiki is a brown-orange fox with red-brown paws and greyish-white wings. The only
thing on her thats just one solid color is a black stripe running from her face just
above her snout all the way down to the tip of her tail. She's a bit more cautious
when it comes to things she doesn't know, but if her best friend Kinra feels
adventurous, then she's just as excited too. She'll always stick by Kinra, no matter
what trouble might lie ahead of them (and there will definitely be trouble ahead :P).

KinraCategory: (general)
Thursday, 17 December 2009
09:59:58 AM (GMT)
Kinra is a fiery orange fox who is different from the other foxes. She was born with
wings, and two antennae. But as I write more chapters, you'll see there's more that
makes her special than that. She's the leader type, making decisions, able to be
relied on, and of course the classic bravery trait. She's very curious though, and it
will often get her into a lot of trouble. But sometimes her curiosity opens new doors
and worlds that lead to great things, like how she met her best friend Hikaiki.
You'll read about that when I make the special stories, after I finish this series.
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UnwantedCategory: (general)
Sunday, 13 December 2009
03:25:33 PM (GMT)
It was a cold, rainy night, and the city kids were warm and dry in their houses. Their mom's were just tucking them into bed and reading them stories. On the outskirts of this city is a forest where some of the kids go to play all the time. The animals of the forest are finding places to sleep that's warm and dry, like logs, under or in trees, or in burrows. In the night sky, two figures were flying towards the forest. They landed near a large oak tree that had a hollow at the base of it. They peer inside, and saw there was nothing inside, and plenty of room for both of them. They quickly go inside and curl up beside each other. "Are you warm enough, Hikaiki?" Said one of them. She was a fiery orange fox with a white belly and brown paws, beautiful white wings, and two antennae on top of her head. "Yeah, I'm ok, but do we have to struggle to live all the time Kinra?" Replied Hikaiki. She was a brownish-orange fox with red-brown paws and greyish-white wings that had a black
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Chapter 7: The ResolutionCategory: (general)
Friday, 23 October 2009
04:31:45 AM (GMT)
Team Foxfire and friends are sitting in the cave, thinking about what to do next. Lucario: "I think we should explore around a bit, and try to orient ourselves and find something to eat." Zelda: "Yeah, I agree." Leafeon: "But what if we get lost? Or something attacks us?" Lucario: "We're already lost, and I think we can take on whatever monster might be here." Celebi: "Tee-hee! Of course we can! But... What about Marth?" Marth: -asleep- *snore*Zelda: "... I don't know. He might not ever be the same again.... But it won't do us any good to sit here and wait." Wolf Link: -looks sad- Midna: "Hmm... what to do.... Well, we may as well explore around. But someone needs to stay behind to look after Marth." Lucario: "I will." Zelda: "Are you sure?" Lucario: -looks at marth- "...Yes." Leafeon: "Ok, once we're ready to come back, I'll find you." Lucario: -nods-"Hmm." The group leaves, while lucario stays with Marth. Marth: -tossing
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Chapter 6: The UnknownCategory: (general)
Monday, 12 October 2009
03:41:36 AM (GMT)
Marth: "Uuhhnn...... W-what? Where... am I?" ???: "Tee hee hee! Wake up mister!" Marth: "Celebi?" ???: "Hee hee hee! No silly, I'm a fairy!" Marth: 0.0 *Opens eyes* "OMFG! THEY'RE REAL! I KNEW IT!!! Green Fairy: "Come! Follow me mister!" Marth: "Yaaaayy! They're real! They're real!" They travel across the grassy field, through the forest, and in the middle was a huge fairy city (huge to them anyways) Marth: "WOW!! A fairy city! Yaaayyyzz!" Green Fairy: "Tee hee hee! You must see our queen! She'll grant you a wish!" Marth: "Can I wish to have a fairy forever?!" Green Fairy: "You can wish for whatever you want!" Marth: "SWEET!" They go to the middle of the city, where a magnificent palace lies, more like a tricked out house to Marth though. Green Fairy: "My fairy queen, I have brought a guest from the giant world." Queen Fairy: "Oh how wonderfull! My... they really are as big as is described of them." Marth: "H-hello
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