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angerCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 30 December 2008
11:28:16 PM (GMT)
anger is to gain. if there is nothing to gain there is only to lose. if there is
only to lose why are you angery think about that (how do you spell angery)

death?Category: (general)
Sunday, 14 December 2008
04:02:35 PM (GMT)
is it strange to think about killing your self daily

do you want to dieCategory: (general)
Saturday, 1 November 2008
06:08:10 PM (GMT)
do you want to die? i do. after contomplating this information over and over agen i have always wanted to die. i dident know why i have a good life im not poor. but it came to me. i hated my self witch made me hate the ones around be. you see i hated my intelagents. i new i was smart othewise i wouldent beable to proses this information. i am smart and i hate it because i dont yous it. i was so bent on being the retard crazy person in school that i am the crazy retard person i crated. but my intelegensts clashes with the retarednes. and im afreaid to give in for if i do i lose who i am know. and i will lose all my friends. witch is why i contomplate death. to stop this madness in my head. i can not focuse on school work without wanting to kill my self. i write this to clear up the truth of what i might do. one of my meanty supreshons the might cause me to kill my self it the damn school systom the think they know whats best for me. they have no idea of what i can come up with but there
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super advencherCategory: (general)
Thursday, 9 October 2008
08:06:04 PM (GMT)
i went on a super advencher on my bike with 5 friends witch 3 of them are also probably going to write about. any way we all biked to the mall but that ment that we crosed over 4 towns and biked about 20 miles witch took us about 4 to 5 hours wile trying to avoid the high way. i dident have any money to buy any thing at the mall so it was kinda a wast of time for me. and i got in troble. so now im going to make a pros and cons list to see if it was worth it pros biked the farthest i have ever biked got to try balls energy drink got a lighter i had alot of fun
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dieCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 8 October 2008
08:28:47 PM (GMT)
i just wna die in a hole

i should note have hadCategory: (general)
Sunday, 28 September 2008
02:06:36 PM (GMT)
i think abouter every day and night, never realy get to hang with her out side of
school, i had a chance but my parents ruend it, now she hates me, oh well i guess
love is only for the people who deserve it.

live come seeCategory: (general)
Friday, 19 September 2008
09:01:43 PM (GMT)
i have a live show tonight at 9:30pm and tomarow 9:00pm est go see its going to be

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