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thoughts..Category: (general)
Friday, 22 July 2011
05:55:38 AM (GMT)
I remember back in sixth grade when I was moving around a lot and ended up moving to Fremont and I was the new kid at Niles and how everybody picked on me. I mean they were all in the same grade but most of them were a year or two older than me. Technically they were the seniors against the wimpy freshman, except sixth graders. I got the principal in on it and he really didn’t give a shit. He told them to stop they did for about a week. They kept fucking picking on me. Every day telling me I could never be happy, I’d always be ugly, I’d never succeed, there would always be somebody better, I’d never have a boyfriend who would care. Soon enough I became the girl who would sit in the science lab at lunch or the teachers lounge just so I could get away from being picked on. I got really close to Ms. Moreno and Mrs. Schinkel. I could easily tell them if something was wrong because they could like fucking smell sadness and i wouldn’t get away with saying “Nahh
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The truthCategory: (general)
Thursday, 27 January 2011
01:52:56 AM (GMT)
Really I do not care who reads this. For all that I care I could post this on damn Facebook. Everything everybody knows me for half the time is a fucking lie. I am not the up-beat, ass kicking, happy girl half the people know me for. I’m shy, angry, sad, and unforgiving almost all the time. I’m probably depressed and I don’t want to confront it being half of the time I feel like i’m on a stage all by myself thinking there are one million people watching, when there really is none. In my head I have a fantasy life going on 24/7 where I’m happy, I have somebody who likes me for who I am, and I don’t generally hate people as much. The reason I hate people so much is because all through 6th grade I was told That if you weren’t perfect, you weren’t cool. Everyday I was made fun of for the people I would hang out with, what I would wear, how much I weighed, and
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OhaiCategory: (general)
Thursday, 13 January 2011
12:45:45 AM (GMT)
I'm New, So hellur. Don't ask me what i'm going to post on here because I have no
No judgement here :P

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