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My Heart Is Such A Bloody Mess (Poem)Category: (general)
Monday, 5 September 2011
01:55:15 AM (GMT)
Love is placed where it doesn't belong, these words written like some sad song. My heart torn in two, not easily fixed with tape, nor glue. This pain I feal fills me with dread, no pleasent dreams come while I lie in bed. Why does life have to be like this? A world turned to flames by a single kiss, I'm subsiding my growing pain with sensless bliss. These stupid feelings I have been fed, it all just leaves me wishing to be dead.
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Questionare!!! ^_^Category: (general)
Wednesday, 23 March 2011
11:11:01 PM (GMT)
Mark Y for Yes, N for No, and M for Maybe. Would/will you? [_] give me your number? [_] kiss me? [_] take a shower with me? [_] let me sleep in your bed? [_] Lock me in your room and take advantage of me? [_] let me make you breakfast? [_] tickle me? [_] let me tickle you? [_] instant message me?
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Phobia QuizCategory: (general)
Sunday, 23 January 2011
04:29:34 PM (GMT)
[ ] the dark [ ] staying single forever [ ] being a parent [ ] giving birth [ ] being myself in front of others [ ] open spaces [ ] closed spaces [X] heights [ ] dogs [ ] birds [ ] fish [ ] spiders
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Cutting my hair...Category: (general)
Sunday, 9 January 2011
11:11:45 PM (GMT)
Yes, I'm actually cutting my hair, problem is, I have no clue what style I want... I've found some that might look okay on me, let me know what you all think. 1; 2; 3;
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Another random survey... but for you this time! *gasp*Category: (general)
Thursday, 6 January 2011
11:10:36 PM (GMT)
=What would you do if: 1. I died: 2. I kissed you: 3. I lived next door to you: 4. You found out I was married: 5. I stole something: 6. I was hospitalized: 7. I refused to leave my home: 8. I got into a fight while you were there: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MY
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pregnancy testCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 8 December 2010
10:37:32 PM (GMT)
TRY NOT TO LAUGH ( i didnt believe it, but it works!) ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
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Last edited: 10 January 2011

innocent or guilty?Category: (general)
Sunday, 21 November 2010
03:20:29 AM (GMT)
INSTRUCTIONS: Answer innocent or guilty for each question. 1. Asked someone to marry you? innocent 2. Kissed one of your Facebook friends? guilty 3. Danced on a table in a bar? innocent 4. Had feelings for someone who you can’t have?
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Last edited: 10 January 2011

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